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Transforming lives through the power of God's Kingdom

We will answer the call to evangelize and outreach with the purpose of winning souls and expanding Gods Kingdom — 2nd Corinthians 5:17-21 / Luke 14:23
We have the responsibility to seek out and reconcile the sons and daughters of God back to the Father. We operate according to the ministry of reconciliation. It is our purpose to expand God’s Kingdom, through evangelizing and missions.

We will impact our community through our love, fellowship and community services - Matthew 22:35-38
We will love our neighbors as ourselves. It is our intent to be a community-orientated church that provides counseling and resources. We believe that the church is a place of refuge, support and fellowship for all ages. It is our desire to provide a family atmosphere that welcomes the community in love and encouragement.

We purpose to develop areas of ministry that touch lives and provide support
As a purpose-driven ministry, we desire to touch children as well as adults. It is our purpose to establish avenues of instruction that impact individuals and the families within our assembly and community. Acts 2:41-47
We will disciple to and develop the believer – Matthew 28:18-20
We will lead the believer in biblical Kingdom Principles and cornerstone teachings, helping them develop a deeper commitment and relationship with the Lord. We will obey the Lord in making disciples of all men and women, baptizing them in Jesus' name.

We will perfect the saints for the work of the ministry – Ephesians 4
We accept the challenge and call to prepare the saints for the work of the ministry — God’s purpose and call that He released and predetermined for our lives.

We will develop ministry leaders and mentors – 2nd Timothy 2:1-2
This ministry's purpose is to develop leaders and mentors to perpetuate ministry vision and goals. The greatest example of effective leadership is the act of developing great leaders.

We will provide an environment where God’s Word and Spirit abides
Acts 13:1-3. We will provide an environment where the Word is ministered in power and in clarity; where the Spirit of God is in control and His presence abides in all fullness; where His gifts, anointing and power are welcomed.

Grow With Us

The Living Word Christian Ministries, Inc. is growing and we want you to be a part of our family.

What we are called and purposed to do comes from the Lord. How we accomplish our purpose comes from Him as well. We must understand that we are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. We represent God in the earth.

Because we represent God, we must maintain His standards of conduct and character in all that we do as a ministry. We are a purpose-driven church, desiring to impact lives, expand God’s Kingdom and please Him in all that we do.

Ministries List

  • Fellowship and Integration
  • Men's Ministry
  • Women's Ministry
  • Chosen Generation
  • Partnership Relations
  • Children's Ministry
  • Music and Art Ministry
  • Helping Hands Ministry
  • Evangelism
  • Audio/Visual Ministy