Studying God's Word Effectively - Session 2 Why study the bible

    Oct 9, 2020 | by Michael Carter
    Studying God's Word Effectively - 2nd Timothy 2:14-15
    Session 2 - Why study God's word?
    Often many are challenged to study because it takes time and afford. And in some cases, there are those who prefer to be entertained or inspired, opposed to being informed and taught. So they see little need to study God's word. Not understanding that knowing is power and it is a key to God's Kingdom and His influence. You will not experience God's influence above what you know in His word. If you desire to experience God in an ongoing journey of growth you've got to learn His word through reading, studying and application. God's word is our life line. Palm 119:25 / John 6:63

    We read and study God's word to be approved by God. 2nd Timothy 2:14-15
    To be approved by God means that you have a rock solid understanding of a biblical fact or principle and that you are standing on it, living it out in your life. It's solid enough to build on, you are approved by God to move forwards in your development. Moving forward without God's approval is not wise because you are not prepared. The word you have heard must be understood in your thinking and alive in your heart, tested and tried. Often many avoid tests and take the road of less resistance to avoid the challenge. But that route does not provoke growth and transformation. God allows and may even orchestrate test for our growth and preparation. He wants us to grow and be approved and prepared for our next season. And He wants to build strong testimonies in our lives. There is no testimony without the test. We study to be approved of God that our knowledge of His word is solid enough to stand on, trust God and move forward in our lives from glory to glory, season to season. 2nd Corinthians 3:18

    We read and study God's word to rightly divide the scriptures.
    2nd Timothy 2:14-15
    This means to study, breakdown and understand the scriptures in its correct context and placement. This is called biblical exegesis. Do not take man’s word for granted, we all make mistakes, often unintentional. You don’t want to follow error or blindness Matthew 15:9-14. How often have we seen well intentioned people follow error to their demise. You want to know God's word for yourself. Remember, it's the Berean way; Acts 17:10-11. They didn't doubt leadership, they simply wanted to know God's word for themselves.
    You want to know God's word for yourself. Learning, knowing and rightly dividing God's word for yourself is your responsibility. It comes through effectively exegesis of God's word.

    We read and study God's word for wisdom and revelation knowledge. 1st Corinthians 2:10-15
    Sense knowledge is knowledge gained from our five sense gates. Revelation knowledge is knowledge revealed to us by God's Spirit aside from our senses. You’re not studying to prove that someone else is wrong or that you are super spiritual. You 're studying to gain further wisdom insight and revelation of God's word for your life and those in the sphere of your influence. God's wisdom and revelation knowledge builds our faith, enhances our relationship with Him and increases our ability to be successful and experience His influence, liberty, wisdom and guidance for life. John 8:32 / Psalm 119.98 / Psalm 119:105 / 2nd Timothy 3:15

    We read and study God’s word to renew our minds.
    Romans 12:1-2
    When you are born again, your spirit was recreated. 2nd Corinthians 5 5:17. However, your mind was not. If you desire to walk in God's kingdom and in your relationship with him effectively you have to change how you think. Your mind must be renewed or converted through reading, studying and applying God's word. Psalm 19:7 Every human has a map of reality in their minds. It's been writing your truth all your life. It's your perspective and reality. We will not live above it. Proverbs 23:7. If you want change, its starts in your thinking. True liberty starts in your thinking. Our minds must be renewed in favor of God's perspective. As your mind is renewed, you are better able to comprehend and perceive the things of God and His possibilities for your life. We study to renew our minds and develop the mind of Christ. 2nd Corinthians 2:16

    We study God's word to grow spiritually and naturally. 1st Timothy 4:13-16
    Just like any other discipline, the more we know about it, the more we are able to maximize it. God's word is the same way. We will not live or experience God above what we know concerning His word. And to not read and study is a form of spiritual neglect. Think for a moment about how we matriculate in our education system. Removing a child from it and not providing them any education is looked upon as neglect. To not read and study is spiritual neglect. If you desire to grow, be intentional and regularly study God's word.
    Or enroll in a discipleship program or a bible education learning program that requires you to study. This is helpful because it places you on a learning track and challenges your expectations of your self in regards to studying and it holds you accountable to study. This cause spiritual and natural growth. 

    We study God's word to know Him. Jeremiah 9:23-24 
    One of the most important things in our lives is to know God and develop a personal relationship with Him. Knowing God is the intent and one of the reason He gave us His word Jeremiah 31:33-34. He is too vast and unlimited for our own natural understanding. So, He has to reveal Himself to us through His word. Desiring to know God through His word make reading and studying imperative. It impacts our lives and develops us as believers. We read and study to know God and to gain clarity of His will. God is not mysterious as some would say. If that were so, He would not have given us thirty nine divinely inspired and recorded wittings that we recognize as the Old Testament and twenty seven that we recognize as the New Testament. They reveal creation and humanities history, God's heart, will and intent for us and the world. Often, some misunderstand God's sovereign nature as mysterious. As the sovereign one, He allows and orchestrate whatever He chooses to. And just because we don’t understand it all doesn't make Him mysterious. He's not mysterious. He's sovereign. And His thoughts and ways are higher than ours. Isaiah 55:8-9. 

    He knows this and has given us His word to bridge the gap. All we have to do is read, study and apply His word. I heard it said; if you want to hide something from people, put it in a book. Prayerfully, that will not apply to us and God's word.

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