The Need & Power of a Renewed Mind - Romans 12:2 / part 1

    Sep 1, 2021 | by Pastor Michael Carter

    One of the most important and powerful components in our lives is our thinking. 

    Where we currently are in our natural and spiritual lives in part, is the result of our thinking. If we desire to change it; the direction we go in will be greatly impacted and predicated on our our thinking. 

    • You must learn a new way to think before you can learn a new way to be. ~ Marianne Williamson
    • We are products of our culture and interpret the world through our mental conditioning. ~ Myles Munroe
    One may say; I don't need to renew my mind and know what the bible says, I'm living fine so far. That's find if you don't want to know what the will and heart of God is for your life and this world, and don't want to grow in your relationship with Him, and don't want to understand how to walk in your faith and live in this world. Or one may say; what I don't know can't hurt me. Well, that old adage is not true. What you don't know can have you in bondage, or doing things that you have been conditioned to do that's ungodly. And yes, what you don't know can actually kill you. Ask your doctor about high blood pressure, they will tell you the same thing. You may or may not have symptoms and have it unknowingly. And going untreated it can kill you. That's why It's called the silent killer.

    Incorrect or conditioned thinking impacts us naturally and spiritually. Hosea 4:6

    And yes, even in Christendom, folk participate and walk in religious and denominational error that hinders and even hurts them. 
    Often stuff that's not in the bible that man established. Some do it because they are drawn to things that speak to their sensibilities, selfishness and egos, oppose to the truth of the word of God. Truth tends to challenge behavior and initiate change. The thing some don't want to deal with and do. And there are some who simply don't read or study their bibles. None the less, they both speak to the need to renew your mind with the word of God. Be like the Bereans in Acts 17:10-11

    Don't take anything for granted. Bring every  concept, perception or thought under the word of God. If it doesn't line up with the word; reject it. Accept and believe what the word of God says. 2nd Corinthians 10:5 This is the process of renewing your mind. And it also builds your faith. 

    Oh, and by the way, it is the enemy's desire to keep people from learning and walking in the word of God. Mark 4:14-20
    So, if for any reason you choose to separate yourself from God and His word, you are playing into the enemy's plan. He clearly understands the power in renewing your mind, learning and walking in the word of God. He knows how the word of God exposes his lies and deceptions, liberates and empowers. He opposes the word of God with all of his might and desires to separate people from it and God. But to those who learn the word and renew their minds, we pose a threat to him and his kingdom. There is so much power in what you know and renewing your mind. Herein is the need and the power of renewing your mind.

    After getting saved, renewing your mind is the most important task for any believer. 
    There is not an area in our lives that the word of God does not provide insight to lead, renew our minds and instruct  us to become our best and experience the success of God.  

    Our thinking impacts our altitude and latitude in every area of our lives. 
    As much as so many concentrate on how they look; it’s our thinking that interprets, qualifies and determines its importance in our lives. It all comes down to how we think and perceive ourselves. Our thinking is housed in our minds and souls. Our thinking is the go between and the governor of our bodies and spirits. Romans 7:18-25. This make renewing our minds necessary. If we desire to improve our lives, grow naturally or spiritually, it all starts with our thinking. It doesn't matter the area, our thinking determines how high we go and how broad we expand.  

    It matters not if what we are thinking is true or not; if we believe it; it influences our reality. Proverbs 23:7
    Therefore, we will live accordingly. Herein is the power and influence our thinking has on every area of our lives. Fact is; aside from divine intervention, we will not live above or exceed our thinking. And we will not experience God above our thinking. This is the power of our thinking. I encourage you to read the book by James Allen called As a Man Thinketh. You can read it from our list of free PDF books here on our web site under growth. Click growth, hit the PDF book library for the list of free books and have at it.    

    Our thinking must be renewed or converted.
    Psalm 19:7
    When we became reborn of the Spirit of God, our spirits were changed, but not our bodies and our thinking. This makes it so very necessary to renew our minds. Your worldly thinking will hinder your personal growth as well as your relationship with God and His kingdom. Renewing your mind lines your thinking up with God and His kingdom.

    You cannot put new wine in old wineskins Matthew 9:14-17.
    Your old thinking will not fit or work in your new life with God and His kingdom. This is why Jesus told them to repent or change how they thought in Matthew 3:2. The word used here repent means to change your thinking. Jesus was explaining to them, as well as to us, that He was returning the kingdom to us, but the mind has to be renewed in order to operate in it effectively. Your old ways and thinking will not work in your new life with God and His kingdom.

    The enemy understands the power of our thinking and uses it against us. 2nd Corinthians 2:11 / 2nd Corinthians 4:3-4 
    The word devices used in this text is the Greek word no-ay-math. It means concept or thought. A few of them are secular humanism, Darwinism, egalitarianism, individualism, materialism and relativism. These are just a few of the major ones, but there are plenty more. The enemy uses them to deceive and pollute the thinking of people. Many succumb to the enemy’s philosophies and concepts unknowingly. Not understanding that they were created to their detriment and to keep them away from the truth and God. 

    A suggested read  is 7 Toxic Ideas Polluting Your Mind by Anthony Selvegglo. He goes in detail on some of these areas. 

    The enemy also uses things in our social order and society to separate us from the word of God as well. 
    Here is where many misunderstand the range of the enemy. Many refer to the enemy as if he is everywhere at the same time like God, but he is not. He is a fallen spirit like any other spiritual being. Yes, the leader of fallen spirits, but no. he is not everywhere like God. Nor does he know everything, like God. And no, he is not all wise , like God. So please, stop referring and attributing things to him as though he is. Some thing occur in our lives because of our choices, or lack of choices, sin and the results of it in our world and sometimes life simply happens. However, there are areas that he instigates in our world that you can experience in your life just about anywhere. Mark 4:14-20

    If you are reborn of the Spirit of God, the enemy cannot infiltrate your spirit.
    And he cannot control your body or make you behave anyway he desires. And again, he is not everywhere like God. So, please stop giving him glory for things we do or do not do on our own. Or for the things that just happens in life. However, he can impact lives through our thinking with his deceiving devices, schemes concepts and philosophies. Thankfully, God gave us the truth of His word to renew our minds, liberate, lead and help us to navigate through it all successfully. However, you’ve got to renew your mind.

    Renewing our minds brings them all in subjection to the word of God. 
    Keep in mind, the only thing darkness needs to exist is the absence of light. This applies to our thinking as well. Renewing our minds unveils the perspectives of God and His possibilities for our lives. 1st Corinthians 2:2-16 It illuminates, liberates and positions us to overcome and navigate through the enemy’s deceptions and concepts to maintain and contend for our faith. This is the power of a renewed mind. 

    1. Renewing our minds impacts and speaks to how we perceive ourselves, our self esteem and expectations

    If our perception of ourselves is negative our self esteem and expectation of our selves will be low. This can impact how we manage our relationships. As most except the love and behavior from others that they believe they deserve, What they think they deserve is associated with their self esteem.  And although God has declared who we are and what we are capable of doing and released things for us, those areas will be hindered because of our negative distorted self image of ourselves. Therefore, our expectation of our selves will be low as well. And we will not out perform our perception of ourselves.

    We find an example of this with the children of Israel in Numbers 13:30-33. 
    God declared that they were His people and that He had prepared a place of destiny for them. However, their distorted negative self image impeded many of them from experiencing it. God saw them as His people, but they saw themselves as grasshoppers, lower than others, unable to achieve or walk in what God had destined for themTheir low self esteem and expectation of themselves compromised their faith in God. Only those who saw themselves the way God did and had faith in Him entered into the promise land and experienced God’s best. What we think of ourselves impacts our forward living. 

    On the other hand, consider Gideon in Judges 6:11-12. 
    Notice the angel called him a mighty man of valor in that verse. Then notice how Gideon responded in regards to how he perceived himself in Judges 6:15. Gideon initially had a negative distorted perception of himself. It led him to have low self esteem and a low expectation of himself. Often when looking at this moment in Gideon's life, we take notice of him putting out a fleece. Some say it was about his faith or lack thereof. Others say he needed a sign from God. Gideon's problem was not with his faith or God. His problem was his negative perception of himself in his thinking. 

    Gideon putting out the fleece was because of his need to be affirmed by God in regards to who he was and what he was capable of doing. 
    Affirmation is about who we believe we are. He knew God could move. What he questioned was if God would use him to lead the campaign. look at Judges 6:36 and notice that his question was about God using him. It was driven by his low self esteem. Had he held on to that perception, he would not have led the battle nor became who God called him to be. God's response to the fleece affirmed him. Gideon exchanged his negative perception of himself with God's perception of him. It renewed his mind and empowered him to lead the battle successfully and later became a judge. This is the power of a renewed mind in regards to how we perceive ourselves.  

    Renewing our minds establishes who God declares we are and what He created us to accomplish and become. 
    It builds our self esteem, unveils our potential, and empowers us to grow and become our very best.  

    Here is a quick follow up assignment to assist you in the process. I challenge you to go through the bible and write down several passages that declare who you are and what you are capable of doing. Read them every day for 30 days. Agree with them, declaring them over your life. Your declarations aren't about where you are now, but what and who you are becoming and what you are able to achieve later. Here are a few to jump start it: 1st Peter 2:9-10, Psalm 139:14, Revelation 5:10, Philippians 4:13

    God made us; He knows who we are and what we are capable of doing. His word is greater than our circumstances, peoples opinions and even our failures. Believe the word of God about yourself. Get your affirmation of who you are primarily from God, and less from people. It will liberate you from people and empower you to become your best.

    2. Renewing our minds speaks to our perception of who God is

    Without being renewed in our mind, most will bring their worldly or religious views of who they believe God is into the relationship. This does not work because God, nor His kingdom operates like the world nor its religious concepts that are driven by man's philosophies and error. We've got to renew our minds in regards to who God is through His word. He has given us His word to do just that. So that we would not have to guess or make up something that facilitates a misguided religious position. Most of them are about what you do. When in reality, there is nothing we can do to appease God or make ourselves righteous. Isaiah 64:6 Its about understanding and excepting what God has done through Christ Jesus. It’s not about religious forms or formalities that were created by people. 
    It's about growing a personal honorable, heartfelt right standing relationship with God. This is better done by understanding who He is according to His word. And dealing with Him accordingly. Keep in mind that there are pillar components to every healthy relationship. One pillar is respect. It's the same with God. Our minds must be renewed in regards to who God is and how we should honor, approach and respect Him. Renewing our minds impacts how we interact  with God personally and operate in His word and kingdom. If we desire to grow with God, we've got to renew our minds. We do well to see what God says about Himself opposed to people. We need to know who He is for ourselves to understand a few things and grow with Him personally. 

    A. We have to renew our minds in regards to God being All Mighty God, creator of everything. Genesis 2:4-25 
    He is Jehovah-Elohim, the creator of all things. Renewing our minds and perceiving God as the all self sufficient self existing one, who is above all and created all brings all other theories of creation in subjection to the word of God. And it places God in the rightful position in our heart and minds. Colossians 1:16-18. We understand that He is All Mighty God, He determines standards, and He is the one in whom we all must be accountable too. And He is worthy of all honor and glory.
    Revelation 4:11  When our minds are renewed as to who God is, we are willing to honor, obey and worship Him in the truth of who He is. John 4:23-24

    B. We've got to renew our minds in regards to His heart towards us and all of humanity. John 3:16 / 1st John 4:7
    God is love.  This is the love that gives without having any expectation from the recipient. The love of God moved Him to send Jesus to the cross to redeem humanity. It is the love of God that moves Him to be merciful towards humanity when in reality, we all deserve His guilty judgment. Romans 5:8  It's amazing how some would say that God did this or that to them. When that's not the heart of God. Those that know His heart wouldn't say that. His heart of love towards us is for our very best. There is no greater love than the love of God. We cannot earn it, nor do we deserve it. What we can do is except it and reciprocate that love through obedience, praise and thanksgiving.  

    C. We've got to renew our minds in regards to God being a father towards us. 
    There is a difference in God being our creator and being our father. Being our creator is not our choice, He creating all things. And that included us. However, being born of the Spirit of God and receiving Him as our father is our choice. This is the difference in any other religion on the planet. Being reborn causes His Spirit to again dwell in our spirits. John 1:13 / Galatians 4:6 Being reborn reconnects us to God as our father and repositions us in His household and kingdom. Ephesians 2:19 God has always wanted to interact with us as our father. As a father, God is committed to us and our success with the love, care and patience of a father. 

    D. we've got to renew our minds in regards to the holiness of God. 1st Peter 1:15-16 / Hebrews 12:14
    God is completely and absolute holy. Therefore, He expects us to live holy. Holiness is the act of living sinless. Here is where most drop off in their understanding of God. It's easy to settle in your mind that God loves us and desire to be a father to us. However, when we come to understand His holiness, we are challenged to change how we behave and walk, And that's not so easy to some who desire to live like the world in today's Christendom. Renewing our minds in regards to the holiness of God should impact our behavior and challenges us to live holy. We're not living carnal, acting and talking like the world. We're living set apart lives unto God. There should be a distinction between your lifestyle and the world. Holiness calls us out of the world to live set apart lives unto God 2nd Corinthians 6:17 However we cannot do this in our own power on our own. Thankfully, God has given us His Spirit to empower and assist us in living holy. All we have to do is grow and yield to the Holy Spirit. Romans 6:6-132nd Corinthians 4:7Ephesians 3:14-19

    E. We've got to renew our minds in rewards to the righteousness of God. 
    God is righteous. Righteousness is the ability to stand upright before God without any consciousness of sin and condemnation. And yes, if you are thinking that you can't do that; your right, God is the only one who is completely righteous in all His acts and nature. However, righteousness was a part of Adam's nature before he sinned. This is why he they hid from God when they sinned. They lost their right standing before God and could not get it back on their own.  Therefore. God instituted a scapegoat and sacrifice system that would atone for them and enable them to interact with Him. However, the ultimate and complete price for humanity to in right standing with God was an act of the grace of God and paid for by Jesus. Ephesians 2:8-9 / 2nd Corinthians 5:21 Renew your mind in the fact that we cannot act any kind of way and remain in right standing with God. This is about our relationship and being right with God. We are to live a lifestyle that's pleasing to God. we should live with hearts that respond to His convictions when we violate His standards and are quick to repent. This keeps us in fellowship and right standing with Him. Psalm 51:171st John 1:1-10 

    F. We are to renew our minds in regards to God being a just God. Deuteronomy 32:3-4 / Psalm 97:1-2
    God is perfectly righteous and justified in all of His acts, judgments and treatment towards humanity. We will not understand all that God does or allows because God's thought and ways as a sovereign God are higher than ours  Isaiah 55:8-9. And because He is All Mighty God, He doesn't have to explain Himself to us. I challenge you to stop trying to fit God in your thinking. Our understanding will never be able comprehend or contain the vastness of God and His all of will. Just try to understand what He does reveal to you. Realize that we are dealing with a omniscience, omnipresent omnipotent God who is just in all His ways.

    He will move according to His sovereign nature and will whether we understand it or not.
    And yes, as a righteous and just God, He will judge accordingly. Often people say "if God is a loving God why would He judge people and send them to hell". Well,  He has sent the answer to mitigate His judgement to humanity through Jesus Christ. Through Christ we are righteous, atoned and made just. John 3:17 / John 16:8-10 And being a just God, He will judge all accordingly; no one will escape it. Renew your mind in the fact that God is a just God, in whom we all must give an account. Allow that mindset to inform your choices and behavior. Don't listen to the world, renew your mind in regards to Him being just, behave accordingly and trust Him. 

    3. Renewing our minds speak to how we perceive the world. 
    1st John 2:15-17 /  2nd Corinthians 4:3-4
    When I use the term world, I am speaking about its systems, concepts and operations that are being maintained on the planet. In its current state, the planet’s systems are not operating according to the initial plans and operations it was created for. This planet was created for the kingdom of God. And eventually, God will reestablish His kingdom as its government. However, currently It’s being influenced by the enemy. The enemy is not the owner, but the curator and influencer of this worlds system. We’ve got to renew our minds and see this world in its present condition and state through the word of God. 
    What we are witnessing in the planet is the result of sin and separation from God, His word and His kingdom.
    And until it is changed, in its current condition this is not our home. We are simply passing through. Therefore we should behave and live accordingly. 2nd Peter 3:11-14 We should discipline our hearts investments in it. Not loving and living for the world and its trappings. You don't want to anchor your heart in it. When Jesus returns, He is looking for a body of believers who's hearts are anchored in Him, looking for Him, loving God not this world. If you love this world more than God when Jesus returns to remove the church, you may find yourself left here. Loving this world will hinder our relationship with God, our growth and influence how we behave and live.

    Renewing our minds in regards to how we perceive this world causes us to focus our hearts on God and not this world. 
    Yes, we are here to exercise the dominion of god and yes, enjoy our lives as well. However, we are to discover and focus on what we are purposed to do and to please God while passing through. We're are not to love this world more than God. Renewing our minds causes us to understand exactly what’s occurring now and those events that are to follow prophetically. Although we are saddened by many of them, we understand them and live accordingly. Yet we live set apart lives unto God, desiring to fulfill His purposes and please Him; looking for the return of Jesus. 
    2nd Peter 3:9-14 / Titus 2:11-15 / 2nd Timothy 4:8 / Luke 12:36-37

    The power of a renewed mind impacts our perceptions and behavior. Colossians 3:1-4
    It’s all a part of our personal growth, our relationship with God and our behavior. It informs our choices and empowers our ability to navigate through the world we live in. If we desire to experience God's influence and grow, we've got to renew our minds. The need and the influence of a renewed mind speak to its transformational power and its ability to open the door to God’s influence and possibilities for our lives. Renewing our minds can determine our natural and spiritual latitude and altitude. 

    After getting saved, renewing your mind is the most important task for every believer.

    The word of God is the pathway and covenant that unveils  His heart intent, perceptions and perfect will for our lives as well as the world we live in.  We've got to renew our minds in regards to who God declares we are, who God is and our perception of this world. Renewing our minds in these areas causes us to grow with God, liberates us from the world and empowers us to become our best rendition of ourselves. This is the power of renewing our minds. Empower yourself and renew your mind with the word of God


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    Keep in mind that hearing alone does not impact your life or bring God’s success; obedience and application Does. Apply these instruction and walk in them. Then you will experience God’s influence in your life.

    Joshua 1:8 / James 1:22

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