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This site was created to assist the believer in their development.

This site is not intended to take the place of your assembling with the saints at the church of your choice, but to provide teachings, articles, live broadcast and other helpful information to assist in your growth and development.

Here are a few areas you will find on this site

God's Perfect Plan of Salvation - This page explains What is God's awesome plan of salvation for our lives. 

Why believe the bible is the word of God

Daily Devotion - This is a daily devotion that changes every day. Just a little nugget of insight

Youtube - This enables you to view our live broadcast as well as a list of our sermon teachings.

Facebook - This enables you to view our live broadcast at 11:am (EST) as other teachings on our Facebook site

Articles - A list of teaching articles to assist in your growth 

Lates Sermon - This will take you to our lates teaching

Matters of the Heart & Soul - These articles and teaching address those emotional and heart areas of our lives.

Free PDF Books - Here you will find several book in PDF form. This is convenient because you can view and read them for free on any device that gives to access to our site. 

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