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Matter's of the Heart & Soul

There is power in forgiveness

Forgiveness means to send away, release, and to remit. There is a power when God forgives our sin that releases our guilt and repositions us with Him. There is a power when we forgive others that removes bitterness and lifts the weight of unforgiveness. And there is a power that restores and builds our self esteem when we forgive ourselves. Walking in forgiveness keeps our hearts free and unweighted as well as empowers us to live forward. 

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How we respond to offences matters 

We live in a world filled with different types of people with various opinions, beliefs and approaches to life. Misunderstandings and offences are inevitable.  The question is; how are you going to respond to them when they occur. In this book by John Bevere, he gives us some understanding on the subject and a few instructions to assist us in dealing with offences. Don't let offences take you out of the character of God or lead to making a regrettable choice.

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Waldorf School of the Bible

We have partnered with Waldorf School of the Bible to further your Biblical education and ministry preparedness. 

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