Discovering Your Purpose - Tip 1 God is a God of purpose

    Nov 19, 2020 | by Michael Carter

    Discovering God’s seasonal purpose for your life is paramount and primary. 
    Discovering our purpose gives our lives significance, fulfillment and glorifies God as our chief architect and designer. If you desire to please God and position yourself to hear the Lord say: well done, thou good and faithful servant: you’ve got to discover, walk in, and complete your purpose. Every human being has a divine purpose. Otherwise, they would not be here. You don’t need validation from people; your presence alone gives you validation and significance because God allowed you to be here according to His plan and purpose. Our task is to discover that purpose. 

    God is a God of purpose, everything that God says, allows, does or creates has a purpose.

    Purpose is God’s signature on creation – Romans 1:20
    Although this text is correcting them, it also speaks to God’s intelligence, intent and purpose being revealed in creation. The principle of purpose is God’s signature on creation as its architect and designer. God creates according to the principle of purpose. Therefore, purpose is inherent in creation. Everything He creates, He creates it with an end purpose in mind. Therefore, He equips it with everything it needs to accomplish its purpose.  

    One of the most fascinating and important parts of nature that speaks to this is pollination.
    Most pollination is done by bugs and bees. They are responsible for the reproduction of a lot of the foods we eat every day. Yes, we owe most of our fruit and vegetables to bugs and bees. Remove them and the eco system will start to breakdown and eventually collapse. The concept of pollination is a part of the DNA code God placed in nature when He designed and created it.  

    Within that dynamic, there is an interesting point of purpose that enables pollination.
    Pollination occurs when an insect visits the flower's pollen and nectar for food and then moves on to the next. Pollen sticks to their feet and bodies as they move from plant to plant. Pollen grains from the male part of one flower (anther) are transferred to the female part (stigma) of another flower. Once pollination occurs, the fertilized flowers produce seeds, which enable the plant to reproduce. This is the process of pollination. Each part incorporates the principle of purpose. A closer look unveils that specific colors attract bugs and bees to certain plants and flowers. 

    They are DNA coded and physically designed to be attracted to specific plants and a flowers color because they only see in certain light spectrums of color that draws them to that plant. The colorful things in nature that we find beautiful and pleasing to the eye, God has purposed it to be a major cog in the fulfillment of pollination. God doesn’t create anything without a purpose to be fulfilled. Just because we don't know a things purpose doesn't mean that it has none. We just may not know what it is. unfortunately, when we don't understand a things purpose we tend to abnormally use it, or abuse it. That includes us. Discovering and walking in it positions us to avoid abuse and experience fulfillment in our lives. We were created according to God's purpose. 2nd Timothy 1:9 

    God created and designed us according to His plan, will, pleasure and purpose. Revelation 4:11 / Colossians 1:16.

    As our creator and manufacture, He creates the context for our lives, not us, or the world. As with any manufacturer, He defines our abilities, potential and standards according to our purpose. Understanding and walking in our purposes lines us up with God's will, taps our potential and causes us to become our very best.
    “When a manufacturer creates a new product, he lets the product’s inherent use govern the design, function and nature of the product so that the fulfillment of its purpose is inseparably built into it. Purpose predicts the nature of something, and nature is that which a product inherently is”. ~ Dr. Myles Monroe 

    We were created, designed equipped and graced to succeed and complete our life purposes.
    What God creates, He equips and endows according to it’s propose. As with any manufacture, God created us to succeed according to our purpose. When lined up with His purpose our success is guaranteed. God is the best manufacturer of all times. Romans 12:6 / Ephesians 3:7

    We were created by God; therefore our presence alone indicates significance and purpose.

    We are present at the right time according to God’s purposes for our lives.
    Look at the guy holding the pitcher in Luke 22:7- 14. His presence indicated where the disciple would participate in communion with the Lord. He was purposed by God to be there. His purpose determined his place and timing. It contextualized his life and gave it significance. Discovering and completing our seasonal purpose should be a primary pursuit of us all. It answers the question of why we are here and gives our live significance fulfillment and glorifies God.  

    The principle of purpose speaks to God’s creative and life purposes for our lives.
    ~ We all have creative purposes assigned to us by God.
    They are not chosen; they are accepted, developed and consistent. They line our lives up with God’s creation and creative purposes as humans. They speak to us being responsible adults, ambassadors for God, leaders exercising God’s dominion, expressing His will and character, and agents of influence. As parents, we are purposed to provide protection, care and to provide a wholesome environment that assists the development of those in our care.  

    ~ We all have life purposes assigned to us by God.
    Our life purposes are discovered not chosen. God has DNA coded, equipped and designed us to complete each assignment given to us. Discovering our life purposes lines us up with His will in that season of our lives. Our life purposes can be defined as ministry offices, callings, a job, an appointment, a project, an assignment, a business, task or an initiative. If we desire to experience success, fulfillment, please and glorify God, we must discover and complete our life purposes.

    Keep in mind that our life purposes are seasonal and subject to change.
    Consider Philip; in Acts 6:1-5 we find him appointed to serve as a deacon. Then in Acts 8:5-13 we find his life purpose changed when he went to Samaria Acts 8:5. Than look at his purpose in Acts 21:8. He was referred to as Philip the evangelist. Our seasonal purpose will change, be willing to follow God’s when there is a seasonal change of purpose. 

    It is not good to live life without a purpose
    When you don’t know your purpose it becomes difficult to discover why you are here; so you aimlessly wonder through life, from experience to experience. And actually, experiences are not the problem. We all need to experiment. It helps us grow and find our way and purpose. The problem is being fixated on the experience without gleaning from it, and adding direction and purpose to your life. You’ll simply keep experimenting, but not being fulfilled in life. Often some conflate happiness with fulfillment. Happiness is associated with things, experiences, emotions and sometimes circumstances. Whereas fulfillment comes when we have completed our purpose. Discovering and completing our God given purposes brings fulfillment to our lives and glorifies God as our creator who designed and empowered us to do it.

    Living without purpose is like driving around while not knowing why or where you’re going.
    You have no vision or destiny, so you don’t know which way to turn. And without purpose you have no discipline Proverbs 29:18. So you go with the flavor of the hour. And more important, you don’t know which way not to go, so you end up someplace that’s not necessarily good or profitable, or even damaging. Unfortunately life is not like the gas that you can refill with time like gas and a car. Time is the one thing we cannot replenish. Once its gone, you will never get that time back. That time is given to us to complete our life’s journey and purposes. Discovering and completing our purpose spends it well. 

    “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.” ~ Myles Munroe

    Again, purpose is not chosen, it is discovered. 
    Discovering your purpose is a life long journey that’s ordered by God in seasons or steps  Psalm 37:23. Therefore, we are to discover God’s purpose for our lives
    in that season. Discovering and walking in your seasonal purpose should be your primary goal in life. It starts by understanding that God is a God of purpose.

    You want to know what your purpose is in that season; be prepared and complete it.
    Although God knows our entire existence, He orders our life purposes in steps Psalm 37:23. This again speaks to our life purposes changing thought out our life’s journey. Understanding this enables us to discover it easier, live in the present and be prepared for the next seasons. Discovering our purposes is a lifelong journey that’s essential to every area of our lives. And it impacts those in the sphere of your influence, as they are impacted by our choices. God is a God of purpose.
    And He has created us to be the salt of the earth, the light to the world and His ambassadors. This is done by our actions and deeds as agents of influence and change. This is living life on purpose. 

    If you desire to experience fulfillment in life, please and glorify God; discover and complete your God given purposes.
    Our creative and life purposes are essential to our lives others, and the planet. They impact our homes, communities, churches, nation, and God’s Kingdom. They impact and influence our lives naturally and spiritually. They bring us fulfillment and glorify God as our creator and master architect. The principle of purpose speaks to why we are here and what we are created to do. We are here to complete our creative and life purposes, to the glory of God. Colossians 3:17

    However, there are purpose indicators and Signs to assist us in discovering our God given purposes.  
    As mentioned before, our God given life purposes are discovered, not chosen. A God given purpose can be a calling, area of ministry, task, cause, mission, business, an encounter invention or a book that needs to be written. Or it may be a season purposed for rest or restoration. Thankfully, there are a few signs to assist us in recognizing them along this journey that we call life. As we look at them, ask yourself; have any of these signs or indicators presented themselves in my life, and how did you interpret or respond to them? Having looked at them in the light of purpose, you may look at them a little differently. 

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    Keep in mind that hearing alone does not impact your life or bring God’s success; obedience and application Does. Apply these instruction and walk in them. Then you will experience God’s influence in your life. Joshua 1:8 / James 1:22

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