Godly Leadership Traits

    Jul 1, 2020 | by Teacher Michael Carter

    We were created by God with the ability to develop and grow in a few leadership traits to lead effectively

    We all were created with the ability to lead by God. It was necessary in order for us to be who He created us to be and do what He purposed us to do. Therefore, we all have leadership capacity and potential on the inside of us that needs to be awakened, cultivated and or developed. A part of that process is the development of a few leadership traits. 

    There are two categories of Godly leadership traits that are needed to be an effective leader.
    The inward traits deal with the motives of the heart. The outward traits deal with those areas that influence people and cause them to buy in, unit and commit to your vision or purpose. and flow with you. To be an effective Godly leader, we need to grow in and develop them both. Let's look at them separately for clarity. 

    Inward Traits

    Godly moral character - Godly attributes of character are defined in the bible as the fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23.
    Moral character is an evaluation of an individual's moral compass and qualities. In the case of Godly moral character, that evaluation is based on God's character or His fruit. As we grow in God's character as a leader, we will develop a high moral compass that reflects our relationship with Him. It undergirds our choices and determines our behavior and moral standards. It leads us to avoid the appearance of sin, and to establish boundaries for our personal lives, professionally and in business. Having a high moral compass and character is a necessary trait as a Godly leader. 

    Genuineness -
    It's having pure, sincere and honest motives. Not having deceptive motives or deceit 2nd Corinthians 1:12. 
    It's having no hidden agendas that speak to someone else’s misfortune or your own advancement or gain at their expense. Their leadership is pure in nature, purpose driven, desiring to succeed and please God. That's the primary motive. Keep your motives pure, desiring to succeed and please God. Resist being lured into backdoor selfish indulgences and gains. It compromises your geniuses as a Godly leader. 

    Integrity -
    The quality or state of being sound, blameless, innocent, one that keeps their word. Genesis 20:1-7 
    Being the same whether people are looking at you or not, you’re consciously operating in God's standards. Integrity also means to be one with your word. People can follow someone who keeps their word. You can depend on someone who operates in a high level of integrity, their dependable. Walking in integrity forbids lying, part truths and deceptive words. As a Godly leader, be mindful to keep your word and tell the truth. When you give your word, commit to bringing it to past. As a Godly leader, you and your words are one. It defines your level of integrity.  
    (Press here for further instructions on Godly integrity).

    Trustworthy –
    It is earned confidence in our ability to be faithful. 1st Corinthians 4:2.
    Try your best not to break that trust. It is similar to a marriage. We have confidence that our spouse will keep their word and behave according to the union of marriage. This gives you confidence that you can commit your heart and yourself to them. Once this is broken, it is difficult, and hard work to regain that confidence again. In like manner; people will commit to your leadership if you are trustworthy. They have confidence that you have the organization and their best entrances at heart. And above all, Try your hardest not to violate the trustworthiness people have placed in you; guard it dearly, it can be the difference in whether folk are united with you or tolerating you.

    Empathy -
    Godly leaders care, serve and guide others through their challenges with the care of God. Philippians 2:3-4
    They're looking for solutions to assist them in their personal and professional success. The relationship is not transactional only. It's not just about what they can do or their gift. Godly leaders have empathy towards othersConsider the state and concerns of those you lead Proverbs 27:23. Empathy  allows them to know you care for them personally, not just because of what they do. It can go a long way when things are challenging and you need understanding and patience from others. When you genuinely care, and show empathy, they know it and reciprocate it. 

    Outward Traits

    Vision - Godly leaders must have a purpose driven vision. Habakkuk 2:1-3
    There must be a vision in regards to where you are leading people and its purpose. This gives the team a task to agree upon to accomplish. How can you expect someone to join you when you have no idea where you are going? And then there is vision in regards to those you are leading. Remember, good leaders produce leaders. This vision requires that you look pass where they currently are and look to where God is calling them to be. Godly leaders look to accomplish a vision while developing others. Also, vision moves the leader to be an initiator. Sometimes you have to put things in motion first, then others will join you. Your vision projects the end at the begging. You initiate things based on set goals mission and vision. Good leaders don't wait and talk, they are motivated by an end result vision, therefore they act and do. Vision and purpose moves them to act and do. 

    Passion –
    Passion is one indicator of your God given purpose. Colossians 3:23
    This is what many people gravitate to. People love leaders that have a passion for the things they believe in. Passion breads energy. And you need energy to accomplish purposes and goals. You need passion to run this race. People need to see your excitement and know that you are willing to spend your time and energy on it. If they do not realize your passion, they will not want to join you. If you aren’t excited about it and willing to pay the price it takes, then why should they be? Bring the passion and energy. Passion breads energy and that can be contagious. 

    – One of the most important leadership traits a leader must have is perseverance. Ephesians 6:10-18
    We all would like for things to go just as we planned them. However, in a real world of challenges resistance and different personalities that often does not happen. Therefore, you must learn to persevere. In this life, bad things are going to happen. The question is not if, but what are you going to do when they happen? Will you back down when things get tuff or others don't see things the way Gods leading you? A good leader considers the positions of others as good information, and the challenges presented and adjust if necessary. However, they perseveres forward. Never give up. The moment people see that you are willing to give up, their willingness to assist you will began to wean. Godly leaders adjust and persevere through the challenges of life. 

    Doers - Godly leaders are doers, not speculators, philosophers or talkers, they are doers. James 1:22.
    A good leader has the energy and passion to do what is necessary to accomplish set goals. They employ a certain amount of energy that leads them to action. They are doers not talkers. It becomes easy to follow a person who walks the walk and is more than just talk. Doers lead through example. They will not tell you to do something that they are not willing to do or are already doing themselves. Doers understand that life does not reward talkers, it only rewards doers. Fact is; they are initiators, they will do it first. As a Godly leader, your actions will speak louder than your words. When there is a problem; don't just talk about it, complain about it, have philosophical conversations about it, do something about it. Godly leaders are doers! 

    Accountable - It is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to give an account for one's actions. Godly leaders take responsibility   for their actions and the consequence and outcomes of them. There are several areas that are to be accountable to.  

    • They are accountable to themselves. Holding themselves to a high standard of excellence. James 4:17
    • They are accountable to the team for their role and how it impacts the team. Proverbs 27:17
    • They are accountable to their leadership, mentor, board or organizational leadership. Hebrews 13:17 
    • They are accountable to God for their choices and actions according to His purpose and plans. Romans 14:12
    Flexible - They re willingness to adjust or even change can be the difference in success. Good leaders are willing to change. Upon realizing that the direction that you are going is not the best way, you must change. This is why a Godly leaders surround themselves around wise smart people Proverbs 24:5-6. We all can make uninformed or bad decisions. That is not the issue. The issue is can you set your ego aside, receive counsel, adjust and change. A Godly leader is wise, humble and flexible enough to change when he realizes he is going the wrong way or that there is a better way. 

    As we grow in these areas, we become Godly leaders and agents of impact and change.
    Developing as a Godly leader is an ongoing process of evolution. Although we were born with a leadership spirit within, it must be birthed, natured and developed. It requires our natural and spiritual evolution. It includes our academic side of learning God's word and those inner and outer attributes as well as gleaning from life lessons. Godly leadership is a life long journey of growth and maturation. The ultimate goal is the be Christ-like and lead as He would.  

    Godly leaders experience fulfillment in life and glorify God.
    Godly leadership is purpose driven. Therefore, its desire to accomplish its God given mission or purpose brings fulfillment. And because God design us according to His purpose, when we fulfill it, He gets the glory as our designer and architect. Grow and be the leader you were designed and created to be. It may not be easy, but it’s worth it. And the sphere of you influence will be blessed. Grow in these leadership traits. They will undergird your leadership. As Godly leaders, we are ambassadors form God's kingdom and agents of impact and change.   


    Keep in mind that hearing alone does not impact your life or bring God’s success; obedience and application Does. Apply these instruction and walk in them. Then you will experience God’s influence in your life. Joshua 1:8 / James 1:22

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