Living a kingdom Principled life Matthew 6:33

    Oct 5, 2020 | by Michael Carter

    Understanding God’s Kingdom

    The Kingdom of God MUST BE SAUGHT AND UNDERSTOOD in regards to its application, relevance and impact on our lives. Otherwise, it will be like a key on your key ring that you forgot what its for. It has a purpose, but its not impacting your life because you don't know what it's purposed to unlock, open and make available to you. It's there and has value based to its purpose. Yet, its not impacting your life because you don't understand its purpose. Therefore, seeking to understand God's kingdom is primary to our lives as believers. It can unlock God's kingdom influence and impact every area of our lives. That's why we are to seek it first.

    When we read the bible we will find the terms kingdom of God and kingdom of heaven.
    They are not the same. The kingdom of heaven is a place. Notice in 2nd Corinthians 12:1-2 the third heaven is mentioned. It is a place where God expresses His personage, angelical beings are there and reborn people of God. The kingdom of God is a governing operation. It is in full force in heaven. And it was the government of this planet until Adam sinned. It remains the primary and future government of this planet. Revelation 11:15Isaiah 9:6. However, it's also an operation that resides in the hearts of the people of God. Luke 17:20-21 / Romans 14:17

    The kingdom of God should be sought diligently 
    In our lead text we are instructed to seek the kingdom of God first. What it's talking about is seeking the operation. It's God's governing force that resides in heaven and in the born again believer. It was one of the things that was lost when Adam sinned in the garden. Thankfully it was one of the things Jesus came to pay the price to enable us to regain. No Jesus did not come here to establish any particular religion. He came to reposition us in the family of God and in His kingdom. And to enable us to have His kingdom operating in our lives once again. As the children of God, seeking God's kingdom should be primary to us all. Matthew 6:33 / Colossians 3:1-3 

    We are Kingdom citizens
    The moment we were reborn of God’s Spirit, He reserved our place in heaven, placed us in the body of Christ and repositioned us as His children in His family and in His kingdom as  citizens Ephesians 2:19. Think of it this way, by virtue of having a physical body, we are citizens of this planet and legally have excess to it. By virtue of being reborn of God’s Spirit, we became His children and citizens of His kingdom. Now we can call God father, opposed to Him only being our creator. Romans 8:15-16
    And pursuant to our citizenship, there are benefits and a kingdom influence that's available to flow in, through and upon our lives. All because we are kingdom citizens. Keep in mind, heaven is not the final dwelling place for man. That remains on earth. Eventually, all will be remade, and once again the Kingdom of God will be earths primary government. 2nd Peter 3:10-14 And again, it will be the dwelling place of humanity under God's Kingdom rule Revelation 21:1-2. No devil, no religion or politics; just the kingdom of God, it's king and queen citizens and the glory of God and His presence.

    But for now, we've got to learn how to live a kingdom lifestyle here on earth now.
    We do this by operating in His character, standards and nature, allow them to impact how we deal with God, ourselves and others. And we experience it on earth by through operating and living out His word faith, invoking His kingdom influence in and through our lives. And because we are kingdom citizens, we can invoke it's influence and benefits in our lives here on earth. However, just like any other government operation, it's protection and influence is invoked through abiding in its laws. In the case of God's kingdom, It is our submission to its King, Jesus and His word, principles and laws. Our obedience and application of His word invoke His kingdom influence.
    Luke 6:46-49 / Isaiah 1:19 / Romans 14:7. It's the obedience and application that impacts, transforms and invokes God's influence in our lives. The influence of the kingdom of God will flow in and through our lives regardless of what's occurring on earth; its a superior kingdom. God's kingdom brings heavens influence to earth.

    Kingdom Character
    God’s kingdom character is outlined as the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. It is the His character being manifested in and through us by the power of His indwelling Spirit. It is His kingdom character that we as children of God and believers should yield to, grow in, and walk in. In life, we all have intersections where we have a choice to operate in our flesh or God's character. However, the Holy Spirit is gentle, He will not force us to walk in God's character. We have to grow in it and yield to it. Romans 6:8-13. This yielding is us growing and giving way to the power of God's Spirit that enables us to walk in His character. The more we die to ourselves and grow in His character, the more it will manifest itself in and through us. He will not force us, yet, we cannot do it without Him. As the children of God, we should be like Him. Ephesians 5:1-2. 

    God's kingdom character, the fruit of the Spirit impacts how we deal with God, ourselves, others and the world we live in. It does us well to study them individually to understand how they apply to our lives and flow in and through us.         

    Kingdom Cultured environment
    A kingdom cultured environment is an atmosphere where God’s word, holiness, character and honor towards Him is in dominion, governing the environment. This environment should be maintained in our homes and churches In Matthew 6:10, This prayer invites His kingdom culture into our lives. Our homes and churches should be embassy's where the environment is conducive and welcomes God to manifest Himself there. This creates a kingdom cultured environment. Holiness sets the standard, God character sets the motives and we honor Him with our integrity, praise and worship. This is an environment where God can manifest His presence and influence people. 

    Kingdom Mindedness
    To live according to God’s kingdom principles, we must think according to His word. Romans 2:1-2. This requires that we read, study and apply His word to our lives. This renews our thinking and causes us to develop God’s perspectives or what the bible calls the mind of Christ 1st Corinthians 2:14-16. This impacts our perspectives as we see things through the lens of God's word. This leads us and provides wisdom. As well as give us understanding of God's will and our current conditions. 

    God's Kingdom impact in our lives 
    The question is; how does God's Kingdom translate and impact our lives now, here on earth. God's Kingdom invokes God's influence in our lives through its laws and reciprocal principles. For an example: The law of the harvest is a reciprocal law. Galatians 6:7-8.
    It determines that you with reap what you sow. It doesn't matter what the seed is, it will reproduce after its own kind. Genesis 1:11.
    This kingdom principle can work against us or in our favor. Nonetheless, it will influence our lives. In addition, God's kingdom character impacts how we interact with God, ourselves and others. It can be the difference in how a situation turns out and our forward movement in life. The more we subject ourselves to God's kingdom laws and principles, the more it influences and impacts our lives.

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    Keep in mind that hearing alone does not impact your life or bring God’s success; obedience and application Does. Apply these instruction and walk in them. Then you will experience God’s influence and success in your life. Joshua 1:8 / James 1:22

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