Living a kingdom Principled life Matthew 6:33

    Oct 30, 2023 | by Teacher Michael Carter

    As believers, we were reborn into the family of God and into His Kingdom. Ephesians 2:19
    One of the main reasons Jesus came into the world was to pay the ultimate price for humanities sins to be forgiven and to enable people to be reborn of God's Spirit, reconciling them to God and placing them into His family as His children and into His kingdom as citizens. This was the original position Adam and Eve held. However, their sin caused spiritual death. Genesis 2:17 This compromised their position before God and in His kingdom. 

    This is why people must be born again. This born again experience is the recreation of our spirits from death to God's life. 
    John 3:3-8  / John 1:12-13 / 2 Corinthians 5:17  

    If you are not born again pray the following prayer out loud unto God:
    God in heaven, creator of all things, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I recognize and admit to my sins and repent and turn form them and ask you to forgive me. I believe that Jesus bore my sin on the cross, went to hell for me, and you raised Him from the dead. I open my heart to that Jesus and invite Him into my heart as Lord and savior. I accept Jesus Christ into my heart as my Lord and my savoir. Thank you God for the Holy Spirit, who has recreated my spirit, I am born again of your Spirit, in Jesus name. If you sincerely prayed that prayer, you are born again of God’s Spirit. Welcome into the family and God’s kingdom!
    So, no, Jesus did not come into this world to establish any religion. God is a God of purpose, family and kingdom. 
    Man’s righteousness or religions do not move God. They were neither the goal of God in creation nor the goal of the Lord when He walked the earth. Jesus came to pay the price to reposition us in the family of God as His children and into His kingdom as citizens. Thankfully, His actions in the planet, on the cross, in hell and upon being resurrected purchased the ability for people to be reborn of God's Spirit and placed into His kingdom. Seeking God's kingdom should be primary to us all. Colossians 3:1-3

    And children of God and kingdom citizens, we are to live our lives according to God's kingdom culture, laws and principles, according to His word. We are not to live according to this world’s culture, customs and ways.

    They will lead you away from God, opening you up to His judgment. Nor are we live according to religion. We were not recreated to live according to any denomination or religiously. They are an inadequate approach to a fervent relationship with God and His kingdom. In addition, they often open the door to being misled and deceived. We are to live as kingdom citizens in this world.

    Living as a kingdom citizen according to God's laws, standards and principles position us to experience His kingdom influence, leads us to overcome the enemy’s tactics, empowers us to succeed and maintain our salvation.
    And it positions us to be good witness and ambassadors of His kingdom. Acts1:8 / 2 Corinthians 5:17-20 This is why it's imperative to seek God's kingdom first. 

    Yes, you may be rejected, persecuted or even hated. 2 Timothy 3:12-17 / John 16:29-33
    Understand that that this world in its current condition is not operating according to God's initial purpose and ways. In many parts, its operating against God's word. At this point, it’s not the believer’s home. We are passing through according to God's purposes and will. Yes, God will eventually change it and it will be our home. But for now, we should live according to those laws that do not cause us to sin, but primarily, we are to live as kingdom citizens in this world as the salt of the earth, lights and ambassadors from God's kingdom. Yet, it’s difficult to live as a kingdom citizen if you do not understand God's kingdom. 

    The Kingdom of God MUST BE SAUGHT AND UNDERSTOOD in regards to its application, relevance, impact and importance in our lives. Otherwise, it will be like a key on your key ring that you forgot what it is used for. It's there and has value, impact and purpose, but its not manifesting in your life because you don't know what it's purposed to do, unlock, open and make available to you. So, it's not impacting your life because you don't understand it, its impact, importance and purpose in your life. Therefore, seeking God's kingdom is primary to our lives and success as believers. 

    It guides us in kingdom living and unlocks God's kingdom influence and impact every area of our lives. That's why we are to seek it first. It must be our primary focus after getting saved. The Kingdom of God is the key that positions us to experience God's influence in our lives here on earth. 

    The terms kingdom of God and kingdom of heaven are not always the same in the bible.
    • The kingdom of heaven is a place. Notice in 2nd Corinthians 12:1-2 the third heaven is mentioned. It is a place where God expresses His personage, angelical beings are there as well as the people of God. Only when we get there will we be able to see its vastness, splendor and glory. The kingdom of God; the place called heaven is assured to those who keep their salvation and faith in Jesus. Keep in mind, heaven is not the final dwelling place for man. That remains on earth. Eventually, all will be remade, and the Kingdom of God will be earth's primary government. 2nd Peter 3:10-14    God has always desired that earth would be a place ruled by His kingdom, under His loving, ruling authority. 
    • The kingdom of God is not a place, but a governing operation of laws, principles and directives that influence and govern our behavior and lives and position us to experience the influence of God in our lives. It is in full force in heaven and it was the government of this planet until Adam sinned. We are to seek the kingdom of God; the government first. It positions us to experience God's kingdom influence in our lives here on earth. God’s word gives us instructions on how to maintain a right relationship with God and operate according to His kingdom. Remember, He said seek the Kingdom and God's righteousness. So, we're not just seeking the kingdom, we're seeking to maintain a right relationship with God as well. 
    The Kingdom of God was and is the primary government for this planet. Isaiah 9:6-7 / Revelation 11:15
    No more classes, economic disparity, poor or disenfranchised, just kingdom citizens. Once again, it will be the dwelling place of humanity under God's Kingdom rule. No devil, no religions or politics; just the kingdom of God, its king and queen citizens and the glory of God and His presence. It will be the fulfillment of the prayer Jesus taught His disciples in Matthew 6:9-13. Notice, He says, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. His kingdom will be in full dominion as it is in heaven. 
    Yet, even now there are benefits associated with being a citizen of God's Kingdom. And at this point, His kingdom presides in our hearts. Luke 17:20-21 / Romans 14:17

    We are to seek the kingdom of God because we are Kingdom citizens. Ephesians 2:19
    The moment we were reborn of God’s Spirit, He reserved our place in heaven, placed us in the body of Christ and repositioned us as His children in His family and in His kingdom as citizens. Think of it this way, by virtue of having a physical body, we are citizens of this planet and legally have excess to it. By virtue of being reborn of God’s Spirit, we became His children and citizens of His kingdom. Now we can call God father, opposed to Him only being our creator. Romans 8:15-16 

    Pursuant to our citizenship, there are benefits and a kingdom influence that's available to flow in, through and upon our lives. This is the result of us being kingdom citizens, kingdom minded and obedient to God's word. 

     ~ Action Point: Look up and define each benefit listed in Psalm 103:1-5
    Then ask yourself, how do they empower, bless and impact your life. 

    As kingdom citizens, we are to learn how to live a kingdom lifestyle here on planet earth now.
    Keep in mind; the enemy has sown concepts and other deceptions that lead people away from God, His word and His kingdom.
    We overcome His tactics by choosing to go after God's kingdom in spite of the prevailing deceptions, persecutions, religions and the tricks from the enemy. We do this by diligently reading and studying God's word, choosing to obey God's word, living by faith, operating in His character, standards and nature. This impacts our lives; how we deal with God, others and live in this world.

    This brings heavens influence into our lives right here on earth. 
    And because we are kingdom citizens, we can invoke the influence and benefits of the kingdom of God here on earth. And just like any other government operation, its influence is invoked through abiding in its principles, concepts and laws. It starts with our submission to its King, repenting from our sin and accepting Jesus in our hearts as Lord and savior. Acts 3:19, 1st John 1:9, Romans 10:9-10, Revelation 3:20

    If you followed those scriptures in prayer, and accepted Jesus into your heart as Lord and savior, you are saved, born of the Spirit of God, placed in the family of God and into His kingdom. 

    The influence of the kingdom of God will flow in and through our lives regardless of what's occurring on earth. God's kingdom is a superior kingdom. It's our obedience and application that impacts, transforms our lives and invokes God's influence. 
    • Everything may be going crazy, but God's kingdom is stable and unchanging.
    • There may be challenges, But God's kingdom word positions us to experience God's wisdom and sufficiency.
    • The world may be operating in bondage or deception, but God's kingdom brings us truth and liberty.
    • That relationship is being challenged, but God's character assists us in working it out, or applying discipline to it.
    God's kingdom principles brings heavens wisdom and influence into our lives right here on earth. 
    We operate in a kingdom principled life style by flowing in the fruit of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22-23
    God’s kingdom character is defined as the fruit of the SpiritIt is God's character being manifested in and through us by the power of His indwelling Spirit. It is His kingdom character that we as the children of God and believers should yield to, grow in, and walk in, opposed to this worlds ways and our flesh. We all have challenges and intersections where we have a choice to operate according to the world or our flesh. Or we can flow according to God's character. We are instructed to walk in or yield to the character of God, the fruit of His Spirit. 

    ~ Action Point: Look up and define each of the fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23 
    God's kingdom character, the fruit of the Spirit impacts how we deal with God, ourselves, others and the world we live in. It does us well to study them individually to understand how they apply to our lives and flow in and through us.

    The Holy Spirit is gentle; He will not force us to walk in God's character. We have to yield to it. Romans 6:8-13.
    This yielding is us dying to our flesh, worldly ways, and will. 1Corinthians 15:31 / Galatians 2:20 Growing and giving way to the power of God's Spirit enables us to walk in His character. The more we die to ourselves and grow in His character, the more it will manifest itself in and through us. And the more we become Christ-like and mimic God. Ephesians 5:1-2. 

    ~Action Point: Write down the answer to the following question and follow the instructions. 
    Question: What area of my life am I living against God's word and God is dealing with me to change and die to? Ask God to forgive you, and then find the scripture that corrects it; apply it to your life. Then ask God to empower and give you wisdom to overcome it. 

    We operate in a kingdom principled life by maintaining a Kingdom Cultured environment
    A kingdom cultured environment is an atmosphere where God’s word, holiness, character and honor towards Him are in dominion. This environment should be maintained in our homes and in our churches. Our homes and churches should be places  where the environment welcomes God to manifest Himself there. Yes, God is everywhere at the same time. But that does not mean that He is manifesting His presence there. We need His manifested presence in our lives and assemblies.

    A kingdom cultured environment is a disciplined environment that welcomes God's manifested presence.
    It’s not inedited with religious symbolism, paganism or worldliness. Nor is it a place that's under the influence of racial customs or denominationalism or traditions. It is a holy environment, principled in God's word and holiness, that recognizes who God is and welcomes His presence. Holiness sets the lifestyle, righteousness sets the standard, and our honor, love and appreciation towards God sets our motivation towards Him.  

    It should be an environment that welcomes God in Spirit and truth. John 4:24
    It's an environment of truth, honor, gratitude, praise and worship. This is an environment that welcomes God to manifest His presence and influence in our lives. You don't want to just have an experience with God in church. You want to experience Him in your life. This is how our lives are empowered, influenced and impacted. You want to create a culture that welcomes God's presence and influence in your home. In Acts 13:1-3, they learned to set the environment to welcome God.

    It was an environment of respect, prayer, obedience, holiness and praise and worship. When you set this environment up in your home, you're welcoming God's presence and influence.  

    ~ Action point: Develop a time of prayer, praise and worship. Develop a play list of songs that lead you into praise and worship. Make it a daily practice to listen to them and praise and worship God in your home. Respect and honor God through obedience, and recognize His blessings and express your gratitude towards Him. And above all, respond to His guidance and promptings.

    We live a kingdom lifestyle by being Kingdom Minded. 1st Corinthians 2:14-16 / Romans 2:1-2
    To live according to God’s kingdom principles, we must think according to His word. This requires that we read study and apply His word to our lives. This renews our thinking and causes us to develop God’s perspectives, or what the bible calls the mind of Christ.  

    This impacts our perspectives as we see things through the lens of God's word. This leads us and provides wisdom. It builds our faith as well as gives us understanding of God's will and our current conditions. We renew our minds by reading and studying God's word. Kingdom mindedness empowers, leads and liberates us through the truth of God's word. 

    ~ Action point: A part of seeking God is committing to reading and studying His word. Put yourself on a daily devotion and reading schedule. You want to avail yourself of the word of God and grow in a daily time of fellowship with God around His word. Consider the following: Click the picture to visit the sites.


    God's Kingdom is a kingdom of laws and principles that impact every area of our lives. 
    The question is; how does God's Kingdom translate and impact our lives now, here on earth. It impacts our lives by leading our behavior guiding and empowering us by His Spirit and word, and how we act and treat others. It also impacts our lives by giving us God's perspectives. So we're not approaching this world according to its culture, but we are livivng a kingdom principled life style. 

    Our lives are impacted by invoking God's influence through its laws and principles. The more we understand and obey God's word, the more we will experience His kingdom results. 

    Consider the law of the harvest in Galatians 6:7-8. Where you are today, in part is the result of this principle
    It determines that you will reap what you sow. It doesn't matter what the seed is, if watered and cultivated, it will reproduce after its own kind. Genesis 1:11.

    ~ Action Point: Be mindful to operate according to God's principles. One of them is the law of the harvest. Consider sowing either by serving in the local church or in an area that speaks to your hearts interest, and giving to an area that you support and desire to do well. You want to invoke this kingdom principle to work in your favor.  

    We operate in a kingdom principled life by applying and obeying God's word. Joshua 1:8 / Isaiah 1:19
    The principles of the Kingdom are God's word. They outline how to invoke God's laws and influence in our lives. The kingdom of God is a greater kingdom operation than any system on earth. It will work when things on earth appear unstable and compromised. Again, this is why it’s imperative to seek and operate in God's kingdom. It impacts every area of our lives.

    ~ Action Point: Live a life of obedience. Don't try to find a way to skirt around or avoid obeying God's word. That will hinder your growth. Subject you life to the word of God through obedience, as a child of God and kingdom citizen. It defines who is Lord and king in and over your life. And whose kingdom you’re following. Luke 6:46-49

    Choosing to flow in God's kingdom principles liberates us from totally depending on this worlds system and empowers us to operate according to God's nature. The more we subject ourselves to God's kingdom laws, and principles through obedience and application, the more we become Christ-like, empowered and impacted by God's in our lives. 

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    Keep in mind that hearing alone does not impact your life or bring God’s success; obedience and application Does. Apply these instruction and walk in them. Then you will experience God’s influence and success in your life. Joshua 1:8 / James 1:22

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