Point 1- Understanding Spiritual Warfare - Ephesians 6:10-12

    Apr 26, 2021 | by Pastor Michael Carter

    Understanding Spiritual Warfare - Ephesians 6:10-12

    Point 1 - Introduction

    We study this area because the devil and his cohorts are real and they are influencing this world.
    Their position is to exercise dominion and persuade people against God to follow their ways of sin and to cause humanity to follow their ways and be separated from God. They already are influencing humanity. If you are not aware of this war, you can be deceived, get caught up and even fall into their deceptions, devices and traps. Winning this war starts with us knowing and understanding it all.

    The enemies influence can be seen in our spiritual affairs, social order, institutions, culture, and government. Their influence can directly or indirectly impact our lives and society. Studying this area can assist us in navigating around their efforts, engage them and displace them. So, yes, studying the subject of spiritual warfare is quite relevant and important to our lives if we desire to win this war. We are literally in a battle for the souls of men and humanity.  

    Spiritual warfare is an age old war between the devil and his cohorts against God and His people.
    The concept is based on the biblical account of an uprising occurring in heaven led by Satan in opposition of God Revelation 12:7- 8. Satan’s perversion of his beauty and abilities caused him to become prideful Isaiah 14:12-15. This led to his desire to be worshipped like God and caused him and those that followed him to be expelled out of heaven Luke 10:18. 

    When the enemy was cast out, earth became their focus.
    Satan and his cohorts desire to influence humanity by staging wiles, schemes and presenting concepts to trap influence and intervene in the affairs of humanity. Spiritual warfare is a biblical concept where believers avoid their tactics, stand against their affords, engage and dislodge them and their concepts and ideologies. 
    This is a war for humanities moral compass, liberty, souls and even our existence. 

    This war is being engaged and playing out all around us because we are crown jewels of God and the very object of His heart.
    It is a war for the souls and hearts of people. This is a war being engage right before our eyes. Spiritual warfare has been waged in our world views, social thinking,  institutions of education, laws, religions and government institutions. All of these areas impact our societal order, operations and lives.

    The enemy and his cohorts will oppose God and everything that is Godly or called of God. 2nd Thessalonians 2:3-4
    Although that text is speaking about the future arrival of the antichrist, his spirit and influence is already present. They’ve been here every since they were expelled out of heaven 1st John 4:1-3. They are here to deceive, kill, steal and destroy John 10:10. What the enemy presents as good, leads to vanity, fear, bondage, separation from God or death Proverbs 14:12.

    However, many do not understand their tactics and the warfare of the enemy.
    Consequently, they fall into their snares, deceptions and wiles. Not understanding them and this war can negatively impact our lives personally as well as our society. This is not the will of God. Jesus told us that He came that we may have life and that we would have it more abundantly. That's something that we should be experiencing right now, here on earth. This is accomplished best by understanding the war, the participants, battle ground and our position. This is why we study to understand them.

    We are to engage the enemy to displace their influence with the truth of God and His Kingdom dominion.
    As the people of God, we must be wise in our walk, ever learning, and fervent in constant in prayer. It starts with knowledge wisdom and understanding of the enemy, his cohorts, the battlefield, weapons our position authority and charge. The more we study this area, the better positioned we are to approach the subject with biblical facts and gain understanding to overcome and win this war. 

    This is a basic baseline study of spiritual warfare.
    So, as you go through these points, understand that there is so much more to understand on this subject.  I encourage you to continue your own study of the subject,
    be biblical and balanced and exegesis the scriptures correctly. Stay in prayer and be led by the Holy Spirit. This article of teaching is broken down in points. Here is an outline of this study. Having said that; let’s get it on!

    Point 1 Introduction
    Why study spiritual warfare Teaching outline

    Point 2 - Understanding Satan & his cohorts – Ephesians 6:12
    • Satan
    • Unclean Spirits
    • Spiritual divination
    • Spirit of fear
    • Principalities
    • Power
    • Rulers of darkness
    • Spiritual wickedness in high places
    • What are they capable of doing?
    • How then do they influence people?
    • Their influence and intent
     Point 3 -The enemy’s advantages, wiles and devices
    • He uses our ignorance
    • He uses anonymity
    • Understanding the enemies wiles
    • Understanding the enemies devices
     Point 4 - Understanding the enemy’s temptations and tactics to separate us from God’s word
    • Understanding the enemies temptations
    • The enemy’s tactics to separate you from God’s word
     Point 5 - Understanding the battlefield
    • Religion is a major battle field
    • There is a battle being waged in those high places of law are government
    • There is a battle being waged in our minds
    • The media and entertainment fields are prime battle grounds for the enemy
    • The internet is a very unique battle ground
    • The Atmosphere is a battle field as well
    • The enemy engages this battle in politics
     Point 6 – The weapon of our warfare
    • Spiritual discernment
    • Listening to that inner witness
    • Try the spirits
    • Guarding our minds
    • The armor of God
    Point 6 – The gift of Discerning of Spirit

    Point 7 - The Power and place of Prayer in this war

    Point 8 -Our charge marching orders as a solder

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