Point 5 - Understanding the battlefield

    Apr 22, 2021 | by Michael Carter

    Point 5 - Understanding the battlefield

    Here are a few battlefields where the enemy is waging war
    It is very difficult to avoid or engage the enemy in war and overcome if we cannot recognize where the war is being waged. Understanding this enables us to recognize the tactics, engage overcome and win. In some cases that area needs to be infiltrated by God’s influence through us being there. In others there is spiritual force present that needs to be expelled. And there are strongholds that need to be broken with God’s anointing. And then there are devices and concepts that need to be addressed with the truth of God’s word. Nonetheless, these are battle fields where the enemy needs to be engaged.

    Keep in mind, the only thing darkness needs to exist is the absence of light.
    And if there is no light of the truth, he very well may succeed. And that territory will experience his influence and will. However, when we engage and dislodge the enemy we bring God’s influence and dominion. It becomes a territory won to God’s kingdom. This is why it’s called spiritual warfare. However, the enemy will not give it to us willingly; we must take it by force. Matthew 11:12

    There is a battle field in the hearts of man - Matthew 6:21
    When we look at the battlefield, we must keep in mind that our hearts are a battlefield as well. It a battle waged for what’s most important to us in our hearts. It’s also the place where the war is fought in regards to whose Lord, setting on the throne of our hearts in preeminence. Our hearts are a major motivation in regards to our actions. What’s important to us in our hearts motivates our choices, commitments and behavior. The enemy desires that the world be the most important thing to us in our hearts. This sets you up to lose the battle by loving this world more than God 1st John 2:15-17. God must occupy that place of preeminence in our hearts as Lord Colossians 1:18. We’ve got to grow in our love for Him Luke 10:27. So then, God is number one, setting on the throne of our hearts. 

    This way, we win the battle in our hearts by establishing God’s preeminence. That way, the world will have less of a lure in our lives. We are better able to win this war and overcome the worlds influence.

    There is a battle field in our minds - Romans 7:21-23
    This very well may be the most important battle fields in our lives. This is because our thinking can determine our destiny Proverbs 23:7. This simply means that we follow the realities that we except and believe in our minds. This is applicable weather they are biblical, true or a lie. It’s our reality. This battle is won or lost depending on what we continually expose ourselves to and consume through our sense gates. The enemy knows this and tries to lure people into his traps through bombarding our senses with his will and ways. It can impact your thinking and life. If we lose the battle in our minds, we set ourselves up for a failure, naturally and spiritually.

    If you desire to win the battle in your mind, you must focus it, feed it the right things and discipline what you allow into it. Philippians 4:8 / Joshua 1:8 / 1st Timothy 4:13-15 / Proverbs 4:23

    Religion is a major battle field - Matthew 13:24-34
    One of the most influential battle fields the enemy has declared war is in religion. He understands that man innately has a desire to know God and looks to fill that void. He knows the desire and that man has to experience God’s influence. Therefore he sows tares in the earth as religions and cults to cause humanity to look to them in search of God. And he sows tares of error amongst the truth.

    The tares and the wheat have similarities. But only God’s wheat will produce His fruit.  
    Yet, it's the error and deception in the tares that deceives, enslaves and separates people from God. One major difference is the concept of who Jesus is and His place in the God head. Many don’t recognize Jesus as the only way to God and the savoir of the world. While many of them recognize the bible, they manipulate it to fit their deceptive doctrine. And other simply deny its God’s word altogether.

    God is not a religious God, and certainly, He will not be found in cults.
    God is a God of relationships and kingdom dominion. This is what He established in the garden with Adam and Eve, not religion. Knowing God personally and developing a personal relationship with Him and understanding His kingdom should be our primary goals. He should be the focal point of our faith lives and worship, not rituals religion and formalities. Approaching God from any other self righteousness religious position will be rejected Isaiah 64:5

    We win this battle by choosing Jesus, the only way, Lamb of God and savor of the world. John 14:6 Knowing God through Christ Jesus, not religion should be our primary goal. Jeremiah 9:23-24     

    There is a battle being waged in those high places of law are government
    This battle field is associated with those concepts and standards of law and government. They impact our laws, governing procedures and social structure. God is a God of decency and order. Therefore, He has allowed man to establish governments and laws in order to have standards of conduct and civility in our society. It is within these structures the enemy has engaged war. He induces leaders to develop policies, concepts and laws that go against God's ways standards and word. God is a God of righteousness as well as freedom and justice for all. We engage this battle by standing up for God's standards and participating in our legal and legislative system. We bring God’s justice and heart to this battle field to influence it according to God’s standards.  Amos 5:24 / Isaiah 1:17

    The media and entertainment is a prime battle ground for the enemy - Mark 4:23
    This was not as much of a problem in biblical times as it is today. Technological advancements in the area of media have increased the enemy’s volume and reach. It’s created a platform of mass communications of content to a broader audience. This makes it a major battle ground. This is an area the enemy desires to exercise dominion and control over to dispense his will and content. Although there is a system that grades movies and TV programs in regards to its content, the line consistently moves towards what sells. And certainly, there are a lot of movies and TV programs that promote violence, immorality and sexuality. This has infiltrated a lot of our children's game as well. Violence and sorcery are in many of their games. The enemy desires that violence, sexuality, immorality and sin become normal and expected behavior in our society. It’s become normal content in our media. And certainly the media focuses on worldly indulgences. The concept of materialism and consumerism portrayed lures people into desiring excessive living. This often leads them to equate who they are and their value with money, power and things. It can cause people to desire this life above all, doing anything to get it. Even at the cost of their souls.

    Unfortunately, the horse of media screening and ratings has left the barn. Andy Griffin type shows are not making a comeback. We win this battle the same way we win the battle in our minds. By disciplining what we view and read.

    The internet is a very unique battle ground.
    It is global, and provides a ton of information and content, good and bad. It is a hornets' nest. There is information, media, entertainment and much more. It creates a battlefield like no other that gives the enemy a portal to convey information to an unlimited audience.. This is a battle ground that must be disciplined in our lives. And as much as possible, consider disciplining the content viewed by young people as well. We win this battle by disciplining what we read and view.

    The Atmosphere is a battle field as well - Ephesians 2:2.
    Satan is termed prince of the power of the air, because the air is the region in which he and his malicious cohorts dwell. All of whom are under the direction and influence of Satan, their chief. Here is where our words, prayers and praise matters. They are declared and heard in the atmosphere. This battleground is fought and won in the atmosphere with spiritual discernment, words, and perseverance in prayer. And certainly, our praise and worship invites God’s presence in the atmosphere.

    The scripture gives us an example of the atmospheric war in Daniel 10:9-13.
    Daniels prayers were heard by God and by a spirit of wickedness in high places known as the prince of Persia. This evil spirit then intercepted the angel bringing the answer to Daniel and withstood him. Some scholars believe the angel bringing the message was Gabriel, the messenger angel. This angel was assisted by Michael, the warring angel. This incident delayed the answer to his prayers for twenty one days before he arrived with the answer to Daniels prayer.

    This text lets us know that there can be warfare in reference to our prayers in the atmosphere.
    We win this battle by pulling down stronghold through prayer. 2nd Corinthians 10:4-5
      We win this battle through persevering in prayer. Ephesians 6:18 / Luke 18:1-8.
    Intercessory and regular prayers are integral parts of our warfare. 1st Timothy 2:1-4
    As believers, we all are priest and should be interceding and praying for others.

    Politics is an area of leadership that influences so many areas of our lives. And because it impacts so many areas of our lives, it’s a major area and battle ground of warfare. The enemy engages leaders in this area to infiltrate their thinking, concepts and policies. When we look at the life and ministry of Jesus, we will find that it was the politicians that joined the religious people in rejecting the Lord. He brought and presented a new kingdom that opposed their politics and leadership. They were more concerned about their own kingdom being uprooted than they were about the religious leaders. The enemy has always desire to intervene, influence and develop strongholds in this area. 

    We win this battle ground by infiltrating their ranks and participating in the process
    As the light to the world and the salt to the earth, we bring God’s standards and light to that area by being a part of it as leaders. And by holding elected officials accountable in regards to those policies they support that are against God’s word. Keep in mind, as believers; we are on God’s side. Although we may vote for a particular candidate of a particular party, our elegance is to God. Maintaining a Christ-like lifestyle as an ambassador of Christ, positions us to speak truth to both parties in regards to right and wrong according to God’s standards and will.

    Also, biblical history shows God using the prophets to address political leaders as well.
    From Isaiah and Jeremiah in the Old Testament to John the Baptist in the New, one of the primary functions of the office of the prophet was to speak to nations and their political leaders in regards to sin, righteousness and injustice. Often they call for them to repent individually and as a nation. There is a need for them to arise in this hour. The office of the prophet can impact this war greatly. Please join me in praying for God to raise up the office of the prophet to do the same now.

    As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we are looking at the basics.
    That’s applicable to understanding the battle fields where this war is being engaged. This is a basic list of battle fields. I’m sure that there are more. However, as basic as it may seem, these areas can impact our lives directly and indirectly. Therefore, it is important for us to engage the enemy in these areas. We are to dislodge his influence with God’s truth, displace his presence with God’s anointing. And influence those areas as ambassadors of Christ. 



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