Point 8 - The Power and place of persevering prayer in this war - Ephesians 6:12-18

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    Point 8 - The Power and place of persevering prayer in this war - Ephesians 6:12-18  

    Prayer empowers and enhances the effectiveness of our armor. Having focused on the armor itself, Paul wants to point out that prayer is the punctuation to it all.  Everything that we do is impacted by our relationship with God. And prayer is a major part of our relationship with God. Prayer builds us up, causes us to be sensitive to God’s Spirit, strengthens our relationship with Him and undergirds the effectiveness of our armor.

    Prayer is a cornerstone of our faith and relationship with God
    • Prayer invokes God's influence and grows our relationship with Him.
    • Prayer brings discipline to our time the same way tithing brings discipline to our money.
    • Prayer causes spiritual sensitivity in our hearts with God and the prompting of His spirit.
    • Prayer causes us to be spiritually sensitive to spiritual beings and grows our discernment.

    Fact is; there is scientific evidence that prayer impacts our lives in positive ways
    Science has determined that prayer relieves stress and anxiety. Yet, growing in prayer remains a challenge in most believers lives. Most people sleep six to eight hours, the job takes up eight, and then there is travel preparation and eating. And if we have children they will occupy time as well. And with most, electronics and TV take up time as well. Most are very busy. So, when do we find time to pray?

    Prayer has to be important and committed to as a lifestyle; then we will make time for it.
    We all have our reasons and yes, excuses. But people do what they believe is important to them. We all get the same twenty four hours a day. We spend it on what we have to do, what we like to do and what we believe is important to our hearts. Make a quality choice that prayer is priority and important. If we don’t make it a priority, we will not commit to prayer and include it in our lives as a lifestyle.

    We develop a prayer life by making it a priority and a part of our lives as a lifestyle.
    Spot praying is not a prayer life. Praying when you are in a dilemma or need God is not a prayer life.  Praying on Sunday or before you eat is not a prayer life. A prayer life is you setting yourself apart unto God away from the world communing with Him regularly, preferably daily Habakkuk 2:1. It’s incorporated in your life style as something that you commit to doing the same way you commit to eating, showering or any other thing you do as a lifestyle. That develops a fervent prayer life.

    Jesus challenged His disciples about their commitment to prayer. Matthew 26:36-41
    If we do not view prayer as an important part of our lives as a lifestyle and faith we will not do it. Nor will we incorporate it in our daily routine and lifestyle. Prayer must be a part of our daily routine. How we spend our time indicates what's important and priority to us. Make prayer an important part of your routine. Nothing in your life is developed without implementing it into your routine as a lifestyle.

    Routines develops habits, and habits develop road maps that lead to a destiny
    Someone said; form the habit, and then the habit forms you. Choose to commit to daily prayer life. The Lord's life style was earmarked by His prayer life Mark 1:35. The early church followed His lead by meeting to pray daily. Acts 2:42 / Acts 3:1
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was noted to be a man of prayer. He is reported as saying “I have so much to do; I have to rise three hours early to pray”. Choosing to develop a prayer will impact your life.

    Persevering in prayer – Ephesians 6:18
    Things may not occur over night or when we desire them to happen. And often, if we are not careful, we can become discouraged. Keep in mind that God is sovereign, and He responds to prayer according to His word and in His timing. Ephesians 1:11 / Psalm 115:3 / 1st Timothy 6:15. So, whatever you do, don’t back down, the victory is assured. Amen! Galatians 6:9

    Quotes on persevere;
    • “In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm…in the real world all rest on perseverance”. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    • “I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature”. John D. Rockefeller
    It is through prayer where we are empowered to preserver and not back down. Jude 20
    The enemy knows that there is victory at the end for us. So he depends on us to be discouraged and give up and back down. Perseverance means to keep pressing through resistance, focused on the end, and not be moved by what appears to be insurmountable odds or questionable circumstances. It is the ability to press through it all. You simply refuse to give up or back down. Luke 11:5-10 / Luke 18:1-5  

    Think about Daniel, he had prayed, yet as of yet there was no answer.
    Daniel 10:7-13
    The angel that brought the answer explained to Daniel that his answer was being hindered by a demon force. The prince of Persia was probably a wicked spirit in high places. It engaged the messenger angel and hindered him from bringing the answer to Daniel. The angel got assistance from Michael, the warring angel. This lets us know that our prayers can be held up and we must persevere in prayer.

    Intercessory prayer – 1st Timothy 1:2
    In Ephesians 6:18, we find Paul telling us to pray with all prayers. This infers that there are several types of prayers. There is the prayer of agreement, the prayer of supplication, the prayer of committal, the prayer of faith, the prayer of consecration and intercessory prayer. For this study, we will focus on intercessory prayer. Intercessory prayer is an offensive weapon used in this war for others.

    Let me start out by saying that intercessory prayer is a prayer that we all should be doing.
    Yes, there may be some who are inclined towards this area more than others. But that does not mean that we should not be interceding in prayer, thinking that; that’s what the intercessors do. No, as priest, we all are called to be intercessors. That’s what we do as priest of God 1st Peter 2:9. To intercede means to stand for and in the gap between God and someone else.

    Intercessory prayer is an offensive weapon used in this war for others.
    In the light of their salvation, bad choices and the enemy’s tactic, you’re praying for God’s mercy, and not judgment. You’re praying for God’s grace to save them and His intervention in their lives. Abram interceded for lot in Genesis 18:16-33. Moses interceded for the nation in Exodus 32:1-14. The believers interceded for Peter in Acts 12:1-11.
    Jesus interceded for us all in John 17:1-7

    Developing a lifestyle of prayer impacts the effectiveness of our armor in this war

    If we do not grow in our prayer lives, the armor will not be effective because our connection with its author will not be strong. As we grow in our relationship with God through His word, obedience and prayer we will become familiar with Him and the armor He has given us. This enables us to yield to Him, Hi strength and flow in our armor. And as we grow closer to God, our armor is enhanced.

    • Prayer causes our girdle of truth to be firm as God gives us clarity through communing with Him
    • Prayer impacts the breast plate of righteousness as God deals with our heats
    • Prayer builds us up and empowers us, as our feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel
    • Prayer confirms our trust as we grow and operate in the shield of faith
    • Prayer brings us soundness or heart and mind as we put on the helmet of salvation.
    • Prayer causes the word we speak to be spirit and life as we declare the sword of the Spirit. 

    Prayer is one of the most important kingdom principles in the word of God.

    Prayer impacts our relationship with God, builds us up and undergirds the armor of God. The more time we spend in God’s presence the more our hearts become sensitive and tuned to Him and spiritual things. All of this positions us to yield to God, grow in His armor and win this war. The Power and place of persevering prayer empowers us and positions us to win. Prayer is essential to spiritual warfare.

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