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    Sep 18, 2020 | by Michael Carter

    Understanding Spiritual Warfare - Ephesians 6:10-12 Part 1

    This is an age old war between the devil, his cohorts against God and all that is called of God.
    It is being played out in our world because we are God's crown jewels and the very object of His heart. It is a war for the souls and hearts of people. Ultimately God is going to engage and bring an end to it all. However, at present, spiritual warfare is currently being waged against us and God.   

    What is spiritual warfare?
    Spiritual war is a concept based upon the biblical understanding that an uprising occurred in heaven led by Satan in opposition of God. This led to Satan and those that followed him to be expelled out of heaven. Revelation 12:7-9. The enemy then focused on earth, God's jewels. Spiritual warfare is engaged when believers stand against, engage and dislodge fallen evil spirits, their strongholds and concepts. It's a war for humanities souls.
    The enemy and his cohorts are focused on earth. 
    They will oppose God and everything that is Godly that stands for roughhouses. 2nd Thessalonians 2:3-4
    The enemies influence is already present. It's been here every since they were expelled from heaven. Luke 10:181st John 4:1-3  The enemy and his cohorts desire humanity to follow their ways and concepts and not God'sSatan and his cohorts focus their desires on man by staging wiles, schemes and traps to deceive, influence and intervene in the affairs of humanity.

    Not only does the enemy oppose God, he desires to be worshiped and admired like God. 
    It's all about him. Notice in the following text how many I is used. Isaiah 14:12-15 
    This infers that All of his concepts are selfish, self centered and reject God. The very essence of sin.  If we are not wise and mindful, they can impact our lives personally, spiritually as well as the conditions of our societies culture, government and order.

    Studying this area assist us in understanding this war and how to overcome and win. 
    We need to know who are the players, their abilities, how and where the war is fought, its tricks weapons and strategies. There is an end game at stake that impacts the lives and souls of people. Again, this is a war for the souls of men. The call and challenge to the believer is to wisely understand the enemy, navigate and stand against them, exercising God's dominion, pull down strongholds and dislodging the enemy, in Jesus name. Keep in mind that this is a war that we have been relegated as the winners. 
    (Stay tuned for part 2).

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