Studying God's Word Effectively - Session 1 Introduction

    Oct 10, 2020 | by Michael Carter
    Understanding and knowing God's word is a cornerstone in our natural and spiritual lives and growth. 
    There is nothing more important than knowing and understanding God's word. It positions us to receive revelation knowledge of who God is, who He says we are, and His will and intent for our lives and the world. This impact how we live and our relationship with God. And it builds our faith and trust in Him.

    Studying God's word effectively It gives us clarity and insight in regards to His Kingdom principles and operation and how we are to apply and follow them. This impacts our growth and opens the door to God's influence. It gives us truth from God's perspective, renews our mind, empowers our faith; raise our expectations of ourselves and God's move in our lives. Knowing and applying God's word is empowering and positions us to experience God's success. Joshua 1:8

    Knowing God's word is something the enemy tries to keep us from doing.
     Mark 4:13-20
    The enemy is not everywhere like God. So he has sown things in the world to cause God's word to be ineffective in our lives. There are five things listed in that text that he uses. Those areas are sown into our culture and are applicable in our natural and spiritual lives. If allowed, they will water the word down, impede its effectiveness, cause you to abort it or not read or study altogether. He doesn’t want God's word to produces in our lives. He understands the power of God's word. He prefers people to live according to secular humanistic concepts that focus on man and not God. He may present them wrapped in colorful paper, but they will lead to compromise, self-centeredness, bondage, separation from God and possible spiritual and natural death. John 10:10

    Studying God's word effectively and applying it impacts how we live. 2nd Peter 1:1-5 / John 8:32 
    It positions us to receive revelation knowledge and wisdom from the Spirit of God. And it liberates and assist us in overcoming the world. God's word must be read daily, studied effectively and applied diligently. This course is designed to assist you in how to study God's word effectively for relevance, understanding and application. 

    As we move through this course, the following are our course objectives.
    • To assist you in knowing how to study God's word effective.  
    • To provide the answers to why we should read and study God's word.
    • To explain and make clear the different types of studies and the tools needed to do them.
    • To point out the necessity of developing the mind of Christ through a renewed mind.
    • To position you to receive wisdom and revelation knowledge from the Spirit of God.
    Understanding God's word though studying is a necessary component that brings wisdom, guidance and it transforms our thinking and lives. In addition to the instructions, you will be given a follow up worksheet of questions for you to answer that will help you retain information. And possibly invoke you to study a point a little more for more insight.

    Studying God's word unveils that His word is profitable to every area of our lives. 2nd Timothy 3:16
    This text makes it very clear that the writings that they had were inspired by God. Although this text is referring to the Old Testament, the New Testament was being written at that time. It too was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit 1st Thessalonians 2:13. 

    Studying God’s word is profitable for doctrine. 
    Doctrine represents the foundational and fundamental tenants of the faith. Studying them will give us the foundation to build our faith upon. They are found in Hebrews 6:1-3

    Studying God’s word is profitable for reproof. 
    The word reproof here means to be convinced with unchallengeable evidence. Learning God’s word positions us to have a resolve in our convictions. As well as be able to explain and give biblical evidence of our convictions concerning our faith. 1st Peter 3:15

    Studying God’s word is profitable for correction. 
    This word means to rectify something. It’s referring to spiritual truths concerning our faith, doctrine, life and principles. Typically, most  don’t like to be corrected. But It’s needed to avoid walking in error and deception. We should desire to be corrected to walk in truth. 3rd John 1:3-4

    As we study and apply these areas, it will instruct us in how we are live righteous before God and in this world.
    Studying the Bible Course Session Outline
    Session 1 - Introduction
    Session 2 - Why study God's Word
    Session 3 - Understanding the tools and types of studies.
    Session 4 - Understanding Revelation Knowledge
    Session 5 - Studying God’s word causes a renewed Mind

    So, go on this journey and learn how to study God's word effectively.  I call it the Berean's way. Acts 17:10-11
    They search the word themselves and took ownership of their own growth. They wanted to learn God's word for themselves.

    There are follow up worksheet to assist your retention. 
    This is done by revisiting the subjects and areas covered through asking questions relative to the points mentioned.  Please answer the questions in detail. You will find that it will help your ability to retain what you've covered and possibly provoke further interest to study God's word even more. And above all, look up and meditate on the scriptures given. Remember, in most things, you typically get out of them what you put in. So, let's get it on!


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