The Power of Walking in Forgiveness - Mark 11:25-26 / Part 1

    Nov 30, 2021 | by Pastor Michael Carter


         Kingdom Principle: Forgive as God has forgiven you  

         Colossians 3:13

    There is a power available to us when we walk in forgiveness. Mark 11:25-26

    Forgiveness means to send away, release, and to remit. 
    There is a power when God forgives our sin that releases our guilt and repositions us with Him. There is a power when we forgive others that removes bitterness and lifts the weight of unforgiveness. And there is a power that restores and builds our self-esteem when we forgive ourselves. 

     * “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you”. Lewis B. Smeded
     * “It's not an easy journey, to get to a place where you forgive people. But it is such a powerful place, because it         frees you”. Tyler Perry
     * "I think the first step is to understand that forgiveness does not exonerate the perpetrator.                                         Forgiveness liberates the victim. It’s a gift you give yourself".  T.D. Jakes

    Even the health care industry points out the power of forgiveness. 
    When we don’t forgive, we open the door to bitterness, anger, malice, vengeance, hate, and resentment. These emotions can be toxic to our soul and cause anxiety, depression, elevated blood pressure, vascular resistance, decreased immune response and more. The power of walking in forgiveness mitigates these health concerns.

    Walking in forgiveness is not easy. It can be one of the more difficult things to do as a believer. 
    It’s natural to hold on to an offence, or desire that the person pays for their offence. And we all make bad choices towards others and do things that cause us to see ourselves as damaged. And arrogance can lead to not looking to God for forgiveness. These make forgiveness difficult. Yet, unforgiveness can have negative consequences.

    Unforgiveness with God hinders our relationship with Him.  Isaiah 59:1-2

      Sin separates us from God. And we are convicted of that sin. John 16:8 
      When we don’t repent and ask God for forgiveness there is a breach in
      the relationship. Forgiveness removes the breach, impacts our growth 
      and our relationship with God. 

    Pause and ask yourself the following reflective question. Do you believe that sin impacts your relationship with God.  What is God convicting you of right now that you need to bring to Him asking for forgiveness. Life application: Respond to the convictions of the Holy Spirit, repent and ask God to forgive you. 1 John 1:9

    Unforgiveness towards others assumes God’s role as judge. Romans 12:19
    As much as we may desire the offender to experience something we would consider as recompense for their acts, ultimately judgment for sin belongs to God. Let that thought and desire go. That’s not our place, but Gods. Forgive them, let it go and live forward. 

    Pause and ask yourself the following reflective question. Are you currently holding on to an offence, desiring the person somehow pays for it? How does it feel deep in your heart? Life application: Forgive; let that desire to see them experience the recompense of their sin go; that God’s job.

    Unforgiveness towards others defiles our heart and causes bitterness. Hebrews. 12:14-15 
    Unforgiveness is toxic to our hearts. It can be an inward cancer that can impact your relationships, perceptions and even our health. Forgiveness removes the weight and defilement of bitterness and assist us in keeping our hearts clean.

    Pause and ask yourself the following reflective question. Is there someone that you have determined to not forgive? Are you carrying the weight of unforgiveness and harboring bitterness towards some one? Life application: Let it all go and forgive them, it’s not worth defiling your heart.

    Unforgiveness towards ourselves impacts our self-esteem. 1 John 1:9 
    Unforgiveness impacts how we see ourselves. Often because we may have made a mistake and don’t forgive ourselves, we perceive ourselves as a bad person or damaged, and not worthy of God’s best. Yes, there may be consequences to our sin. However, God has forgiven us and has remitted our sin. To remit means to cast away. Psalm 103:12 

    God doesn't see us in the light of our sin. He not dealing with us according to our remitted sin, but by His grace and your obedience. Forgive yourself and release the guilt that damages your self-esteem and live forward.

    Pause and ask yourself the following reflective question. 
    How do you see yourself when you have fallen short in sin or of your personal expectations? Have you forgiven yourself of that last action that you asked God to forgive you for? Life application: God forgave you; forgive yourself and live forward and see yourself according to the word of God.                                        

    Walking in forgiveness takes back the power to live forward. Philippians 3:13-14

      The more feelings and consideration given to a pass offence empower it to impact    your future.  

     Forgiveness takes back the power the offence can have on your life now   and empowers you to live forward. You’re not forgetting   a pass offence; you’re   minimizing its impact on your future. This is the power of forgiveness.

    Pause and ask yourself the following reflective question. Are you still viewing your life based upon that last mistake you’ve made? Are you still viewing your relationships based on that last offence? 

    Life application: Forgiving yourself and others of pass offences. Take back the power to live forward into the future.

    Walking in forgiveness is a choice of obedience, not a feeling. Mark 11:25-26 
    When it comes to forgiveness, it’s not about how you feel. You may never feel like walking in forgiveness. Walking in forgiveness is a choice of obedience that you make from your will, not your emotions. Choose to ask for forgiveness, choose to forgive others and choose to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is a choice and an act of obedience. Life Application: Choose to walk in forgiveness and experience its life impacting power. 

    Walking in forgiveness is a choice that we make that impact’s every part of our lives.
     ~ Forgiveness from God impacts our relationship with Him 
     ~ Forgiveness towards others keeps our hearts clean and staves off bitterness
     ~ Forgiveness towards ourselves releases guilt and empowers our self esteem
     ~ Forgiveness can impact our health and closes the door to unhealthy emotions.

    There is life impacting power available to us when we walk in forgiveness. Mark 11:25-26

    Be quick to ask God for forgiveness when you are   convicted in your heart. And then forgive yourself. Don’t look at yourself as damaged or as a bad person. We all make mistakes. And if you find that you’ve been holding  on to an offence, let it go and forgive that person. You   don't need   the weight on your heart.

    No matter how tuff it may be, we are to choose to walk in forgiveness. 

    It keeps your heart from bitterness, impacts your relationship with God and others. And it can even impact your health. That's the power of forgiveness. 

    In Part 2 we will elaborate on a few of those points and give a few examples of walking in forgiveness. 



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