Family Matter's

We are a family orientated church; and to us, Family Matters. God created the family as the first social institution.  
Psalm 68:6 (KJV) He desired an atmosphere where people can experience love support and fun. As a family church, we look to create that family atmosphere, where all are accepted and welcomed to come together in fellowship, encouraging and supporting one another. 

We believe when you are born of God’s Spirit, He placed you in the family of God.
Ephesians 2:19 (KJV)
And as the family of God, we desire to come together as a family expressing His love for one another. It speaks to God's character and heart flowing in and through us. We believe that family matter's!

We plan fun family activities. 
Join us at our game nights, movie nights and other fun family activates. We enjoy staff luncheons, picnics, family days at the church and we've had a men’s and woman’s cook off challenge. (So far the men aren't doing to well) We look for reason to come together as a family.

We host friends and family Sundays. 
This is a time of fellowship and good food after church. We invite our families to come and fellowship with one another. Typically, we serve lunch and have a few games and other fun stuff. These are times of fellowship in an environment where you can relax and get to know one another. As a family church we look for reason to come together in an environment that’s excepting loving and caring.

We invite you yo become a part of our church family. A place of refuge where you will be encouraged and love. We are a church with a families heart. 
To us family matters!