We are purpose to impact others through missions, evangelism and outreach outside of our boarders. 

We are in partnership with Pastor ST. Clair Mitchell of Evangel Assembly. His home town Dominica experienced a devastating hurricane that removed roofs, displaced many and ruined homes and churches. We partnered with them to sponsor a drive that sent supplies, funds and other material to assist in their recovery. It is our desire to extend our reach globally through evangelism, missions and outreach. It matters not the size of the church, but the size of their heart towards others. It is our goal to express the heart of God to others globally to impact lives. 


In addition, in partnership with Evangel, we assist them in providing resource to facilitate soup kitchens in Cameroon Africa. The goal is to provide clothing and food and other helpful items for those who are in need.  


Every measure counts and can impact a life. The wonderful thing about this partnership is that we know where the resources are going. There are those, including Pastor Mitchell who visit these sites personally and report how our affords are impacting lives.
It’s all about expressing the heart of God’s love towards other.

We purpose to do that in areas of global outreach. Remember the church of Philippi partnered with the apostle Paul in his missionary journeys. And He indicated that God’s grace would abound towards their account and that He would meet their needs. This is a partnership of opportunity!

We welcome and invite you to partner with us in our outreach affords. We desire to impact and touch lives. The more partners we have, the more lives we can touch and impact. We do this as a expression of God’s heart towards other.

To partner with us or to receive more information email us at: