Our Ministries

Our ministries are areas of service. And serving impacts others and it is essential to our personal growth as well as the effectiveness of the ministry. We encourage you to be a part of an area of ministry and serve as unto the Lord. God has a place of service for us all.

Here is a tentative list of area's to serve in. Our mission is to develop and impact lives.  

    Life Support
– This area serves and supports those who are experiencing the impact of cancer.

    Family Fellowship
– This area coordinates activities that bring the church family together.

    Men's & Woman’s Ministry
– This area provide ministry that's specific to men or woman.

    Youth Ministry
– Our youth programs focused on fun, their spiritual and natural development. 

    Children's Ministry
– These programs and activities are centered around our children.

    Music and Art Ministry
– This includes our dance ministry as well as praise team.

    Marriage Relations
– This area focuses on enhancing marriages.  

    Helping Hands Ministry
– Ministry assistance program

– This area evolves community outreach as well as evangelism at home and abroad.

    Audio/Visual Ministry
– Music and audio department  

    Special Events
– This areas plans our special events

    IT and tech
– This area of ministry serves as the ministries computer and technology advisor.

    Ministry Support Groups
- We encourage you to introduce an area of support that you believe is needed.

We welcome your ideas and invite you to serve with us.
Ministry effectiveness requires serving as a team. And ministry success is team success. We invite you to be a partner on the team to serve and impact lives. For information email us at