Our Purpose & Vision

God is the creator of the Church. Therefore, Our purpose as a ministry lines up with His divine purpose for the church in His word. Our vision is the end result and guidelines to bring it to pass.

We purpose to expand God's Kingdom through evangelism & missions. To seek out and reconcile the sons and daughters of God, to lead them back to God as their father. The end result and vision is the saving of souls, adding them to God's family and kingdom. Mark 16:15-16 / 2nd Corinthians 5:17-19

We purpose to grow warmer as a family through caring, loving and fellowship. We purpose to extend the love of God to one another and our neighbor as our selves. To provide family activities where all are welcome. The end result and vision is a family atmosphere of love and support for one another. Mark 12:29-31 / Philippians 2:3-4

We purpose to develop areas of outreach and ministries that build bridges that impact lives. 
This includes youth ministry, men and woman's ministries. singles and marriage ministries and more. As well as other areas of ministry that serve as outreach to the community. The end result and vision is to touch and impact lives. Isaiah 58:12/ Acts 2:42-46

We purpose to grow deeper through God's word, discipleship and ministry perfecting. 
We will provide and lead the believer in biblical kingdom principles, cornerstone teachings and discipleship. The end result and vision is the maturation of the believer to realize their potential, purpose and become their best. Ephesians 4:9-16

We purpose to grow stronger through praise, prayer and worship. 
We purpose to provide an environment where God’s word and presence is cultivate and welcomed. The end result and vision is God manifesting His presence and anointing to move, empower and transform lives, to His glory. Psalm 100:4-5 / John 4:23-24

We invite you to partner with us by bringing your ideas and measure.

If you are in agreement with our purposes and vision, join us. Together, we can do great things and fulfill God's purpose for the church. Our purposes are principled in God's purpose for the church outlined in His word. The end result is our vision.

What we do; we do as unto God to please and glorify Him. Colossians 3:23-24